GOALS | Update 4 - End of February 2017: The Month of Pinterest

Sunday, March 05, 2017

If you’ve been following me since the start of the year you will already know that I’ve set myself goals rather than resolutions this year.

my 2017 blog goals update 4 End of Feb / beginning of March

As the months go on I’m going to be amending and tweaking things as they still don’t feel perfect but I’ve split my goals into 4 areas Blog, YouTube, Social Media, and Life. I’m also having one blog or social media focus point each month.


Under the blog header I had three main things that I wanted to focus on and they are detailed below. I just wanted to talk about what I have been doing blog wise this month. 

It felt like time for a new blog template. Do you like it? I do, it's not perfect but it was free and I like it better that what I had. I spent a lot of time looking at paid for templates but I couldn't find one I really liked. 

Some of my mini goals for this month included the new template, posting better pictures which I think I have achieved. 

Fixing broken links. I spent days removing 4 years worth of broken links from my blog. It was mostly old social media links of my own from before I had my custom URL which was even more annoying. 

I've been running a weekly check and new links appear all the time as URLs expire, people change or delete things. My plan is to only run it monthly going forward. 

Below is the update on each of the yearly goals for my blog:

§  Consistency – I’ve cut down to blogging twice a month rather than trying to blog as frequently as possible. I decided to aim for twice a week and I have been meeting this every week. By cutting down I feel like I’ve been putting up better content. We’ll ignore my spelling and grammar for now but I think my photography has improved. I’m adding alt tags to pictures. Making sure I add a description to blog posts and I’ve got into a good routine with this which I hope will continue.

§  Engagement – How do you measure engagement? I’m getting more comments but I haven’t looked at google analytics figures. To be honest I don’t care about bounce rate and exit page information or all the other delightful info you can obtain via Google Analytics. Maybe I should care more.

§   Readership ­­– My visitor numbers are still very low and that can be quite disheartening, especially when I feel like I’m taking more time and effort over my posts.

I started off quite strong posting three times a week, then towards the middle of the month. I lost all motivation and haven't filmed any videos. I also think If I had I wouldn't have had the motivation to edit them. 

If you can give me a bit of motivation and inspiration, at the start of the year I had three specific things to focus on and I've put my update below;

§   Replying to Comments – Fail! I’ve become a little dishearten by my YouTube channel. I got a bit of a fly comment a few weeks ago, and normally comments like that roll off me but this one stung. I’ve had some lovely comments and I’ve just ignored them all. Apologies to everyone who has left a comment

§   Build my audience – Surprisingly my subscribers has grown. I know in part to joining in with Facebook groups. I’m just grateful that despite not posting my subscribers has increased.

§   Reduction in posting – Achievement unlocked! I started off well. I was initially posting three times a week and this was against my better judgement. I had decided to post twice weekly but as I had videos ready I uploaded them. I wish I’d rationed them out


LLife is a funny old thing, it's a real mix of being extremely good and terrible at the moment. This is aall a bit melodramatic but I don't really know how to explain how i'm feeling recently. 

My aims for my life this year are below: 

§  See my friends more – I have managed to meet up with friends about 3 times this month. I’ve been out for breakfast, and had 2 nights out. One even included us missing the last tram home.

Go back to the gym – Nope, Nada, Nope. I tried but didn’t have my wrist band to get in. meaning I couldn’t access the gym itself.

§New Job – No real change. I have updated my CV, I have googled a couple of jobs and reactivated my linked in account.

§  Read more – I’ve read one book. Miss Peregrines School for peculiar children.

§  Start a 2nd blog – I did start this in December but I haven’t updated it this month.

Social Media
§  Growth – At the start of the year I set some social media target for myself. In my 3rd update I explained how I worked these out. As a quick recap. I looked back at my past 2 years’ growth and then rounded up. My aim over all is to grow. Not excessively, I just want to move forward rather than being stagnant which is how I feel most of my social media platforms were in 2016.

Social media spreadsheet targets

I’ll talk about Pinterest further down in the post but as you can see I grew on all platforms apart from Youtube and my SW Instagram.

I’m fine with this as I didn’t upload much on either of these platforms. As you can see my monthly targets are not huge.

§  Google Plus – My attention has been elsewhere really this month. I have still been using it and I do like it. However, they have changed the layout and won’t let us change back to the classic layout which was much more appealing and easier to use in my opinion.

§  Interaction – This is a tough one as I do feel like I have been interacting more but as I’ve fall out with twitter again I don’t feel like I’m seeing the interaction as much but I know it’s there.

Social Media focus February – Pinterest.

If you’ve looked at the above picture and you will see that my monthly target was 694. This was based on getting to a year end target of 750. I decided to focus on Pinterest and gave myself the aim of getting to that 750 by the end of February. I did manage to reach this by 7th February and surprised myself.

I have been making more of an effort to make Pinterest friendly images for my blog. I have also re-named all my boards to be more descriptive, as well as giving all my boards descriptions and I have moved pins to the relevant boards.

Looking at facebook I saw a few people mention group boards and I have joined three, but I haven’t really used these much. Another thing I have been doing is following more people. I don’t check to see if these people follow back but I’m sure some do follow back but I’m enjoying seeing a wider mix of pins in my news feed.

Facebook has groups for pretty much every social media platform going and I have also joined a few but I’ve been quite sporadic about joining in threads and tend to just use one or two of them.

Once I hit the 750 target, I did carry on pinning and following people rather than just sitting back and leaving it be. I also tried to set up rich pins but Pinterest seem to be having issues for a lot of people.

I have also made sure that I’ve been scheduling tweets about my Pinterest account and sharing boards.
I also installed a Pinterest widget on my blog, I don't know if this helps but I like how it looks. 

Next Month’s Social Media Focus

In March I want to focus on Google Plus and my Facebook page. I’ve never really spent much time on either of these platforms. My overall aim for the year was to spend time on Google Plus and I haven’t been using it as much as I would have liked so I want to include in as part of a monthly goal.

As of this moment I don’t really have any specific plans of what I will be doing with / on either of these platforms. If you have any tips on using them for general use or blog promotion or getting interaction.

Blog / YouTube Schedule
Here goes nothing, I’m planning on blogging three times a week. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

My YouTube will have videos once a week on a Sunday. 3 times a week was too much and I’ve lost my mojo a little bit. If I have more content I will put it up but my goal is for one video a week.

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