Monday, April 17, 2017

Where has this year gone? I’m sure I say it every month but seriously how did it get to be April? 

As the months go on I’m going to be amending and tweaking things as they still don’t feel perfect but I’ve split my goals into 4 areas Blog, YouTube, Social Media, and Life. I’m also having one blog or social media focus point each month.

I’ve not posted since 9th March and only managed 4 posts for the full month. I lost my way and I think that by saying I wanted to post more I did the opposite. I had 15 posts sat in drafts. A lot with pictures just waiting for me to write them but I just haven’t been opening my laptop.

The only part of my goals I kept to was posting less, AKA not posting. This might not be the whole truth, while I did have a break I did have things scheduled so there wasn’t total radio silence.

The way I run my YT channel is to bulk film 3-6 videos on a couple of weekends a month and then spend the other 2 weekends editing. I feel like I did all this over 1 weekend.

I have the YT bug again and want to get back into the swing of things. Now the clocks have changed I can film in the evenings after work which will help.

I’ve also had a bit of negativity and I’ve noticed I’m getting more thumbs downs than ever but they are all from subscribers. I put up a ranty post and lost 5 subscribers within 24 hours. Numbers don’t matter and I only want people who are interesting watching but I can’t deny it’s a bit disheartening.

Social Media
Social media has been a little lacking as well. I feel like I had March off. I have been on SM but nowhere near as much as usual and I didn’t promote anything and while some of my accounts everything was pretty stagnant or there was a decrease and my IG is losing followers at a rapid rate but quality, not quantity. It does go to show you need to be present to grow and even maintain following.

Life has been life, My mum has been poorly and ended in the hospital for a couple of days. Then when she should be resting and recovering my gran had a fall and my parents had to move in with her. We’ve managed to get her into a home but it was a very scary and stressful few weeks and I have a twitch in both eyes. Work, well I don’t like talking about work on here but let’s say it’s bobbins and leave it at that.

Social Media Goals

I have recorded my social media stats but I didn’t even look at my goals for the month, as mentioned above I lost followers on most platforms, the most growth was on Pinterest and that was without me pinning anything of my own or other peoples but we’ll call it a win!!

Next Month’s Social Media Focus

In April I want to try and get back into posting regular and nice quality IG photos. I don’t really have a theme and as much as I’d like one that’s not really me so I’d like to get my numbers back to where they were in February and maybe a couple more to make me feel like I’ve achieved something. 

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  1. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!

  2. Social media can really seem like a beast unto itself. My goodness, when I started blogging I didn't realize what an effort it would be to promote my content. You're so right about consistency, if I take a break for more than a few days, I too lose followers. Alas .. one day at at time!


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