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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Earlier this week I went on a work course which was all about health, lifestyle and energy. I really didn't know what it was about but it has to be one of the best course I've been on through work.

Now I don't really talk about work on the blog and I guess this isn't really about work as it was an external company that ran the course and work just paid for it.

I realised by battery levels are more like a 2 out of 5. I spend my work day in the wrong "zone" and I need to do things about it.

Throughout the session, we had a sheet with traffic light signals and after each part of the session we wrote down thing we were going to start doing, anything we wanted to continued doing and things we were going to stop doing.

If you've read my last post about why I haven't been blogging much you will see that I've been ill and run down and stressed for a while now.

The course was on Tuesday and as I write this it's now Thursday and I've already made a few changed. I'm hoping these are sustainable and after only 2 days I managed to sleep almost a full night, minus a 3 am wee break but I didn't fall asleep on the loo and I did get right back to sleep.

Changes I'm planning:

Eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking. The course recommended this for me it will have to be within 3 hours due to commute but I have had some form of breakfast before 9 am all week. I just  need to make sure I do it at weekend as well

I've been taking in Skyr Icelandic Style yogurts and having one before 9 am where I can. I really enjoy these as they are not as sweet as many yogurts and they are high in protein and help to keep me fuller.

Use an app such as Headspace - I have downloaded it and done the first two meditations. I'm going to look into some other apps before I buy a year subscription so if you have any recommendations let me know.

Start a positivity / Gratitude Journal-  for a while I have noticed people posting their three positives for the day on Facebook and we talked about this, it was agreed putting pen to paper makes us connect with what we are saying more. I have dug out the journal I won from Beth a while ago and started it. My plan is to write my three positives for the day and a quote. I used to keep a quote journal but it's been lost/packed away and I have no idea where it is. This way if it does turn up I can transfer the quotes to it/I'm kind of keeping a new one.

Make Gin Fridays a more regular thing - Myself and a colleague have an odd gin Friday when we need it / special occasions and we both really need it. It might have been a bit of a joke but we do need to spend regular time out of the office. I'm not sure I can afford a Gin and lunch out every week but I'm going to see if she wants to do the odd Starbucks lunch / other places and make sure we book it in. Even if it's once a month plus special occasions.

We've made a good start and had a Gin Friday this week, we also had lunch out as it's been a tough old week so food and gin were essential.

Stop eating my lunch at my desk -  I kinda like eating at my desk. I get to do a bit of blogging / I can watch Love Island. I am trying to spend half my lunch away from my desk and on days where I have watched LI I will move away from my desk!

These are a few of the things that I'm starting to work on. There are a few other things on the list but I haven't really look at them yet.

Watch this space, I'm aiming to do updates on changes I'm making and how I'm feeling over the coming months.

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  1. I love the idea of a gratitude journal. I think as might start doing it on my holiday this year.

  2. Good on you for making some changes hun. I don't write a gratitude journal myself but I try to wake up and tell myself things that I'm thankful for daily xxx

  3. I think it's so useful to get a different view at lunchtime and move away from your desk as you'll be less likely to be interrupted, and less likely to do some work x

  4. Well done for making some positive changes. Yogurts are really easy to eat abd my 4yo often has two when we're running late for nursery. I'm so curious about the headspace app...!

  5. I need to try and take some tips from you and start making a little bit more time for myself. At the minute everything I do is either for the kids or for work, and I often find myself feeling a little depressed or run down.

    Louise x

    Louise x

  6. Good luck with the changes you're making. I need to practice mindfulness a bit more

  7. haha I have a Gin O'clock here... every Saturday at 6pm... well, almost every... it helps to have regular friends meet-ups scheduled to look forward during the week.

  8. Gin Fridays sound like a nice idea, gives you something to look forward to at the end of the week and catch up with your friend :)

  9. Love the ideas here. Creating time for yourself and having something to look forward to is so important. Good luck with your changes lovely x

  10. These are some great tips - I've recently downloaded the Mindfulness and Headspace apps, can't wait to see where my journey goes :)

    Dani x


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