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Monday, July 10, 2017

I was I looking for a snappier title the "Why I Haven't Been Blogging as Much"  but let's call a spade a spade.

Over the past few months, I've felt ill. Nothing I can put my finger on. Ongoing cold, chest infections, ear infections with a few days of feeling ok. Only for the cycle to start again.

I feel miserable and I'm sick of turning down social occasions but what is worse a lot of the time I've felt ok but by the weekend I'm so run down I have to cancel last minute and I'm always the one who plays hell when people flake at the last minute. I've taken to telling people to plan without me and if I'm up to it I'll let them know last minute. Which I also hate but I just can't commit to anything at the moment.

Just before I went on holiday I finally gave in and went to the doctors, only because 1. I was due to fly and I knew it was a full on ear infections and 2. It was a bit of a cry for help. Sadly as I can't
explain how I feel any more than I feel ill. It isn't much help.

That doctor gave me a course of antibiotics but all the time on holiday I was poorly. I keep randomly falling asleep. When I wake up I have no idea where I am or what day it is and it's very scary. On one occasion I fell asleep walking down a set of stairs from the roof terrace to the main living area. Luckily I had my parents either side of me shouting to wake me up. I safely made it downstairs and slept in a bed for 6 hours. I found if we had a bit of a trip out in the morning I'd sleep all afternoon.

Now I'm home the random sleeping has abated a little but I've fallen asleep at work, on the tram and missed my stop. Luckily I was on a tram where the last stop was only 2 stops down the line but it meant tea was ruined and I got shouted at. I got told to buck my ideas up by my dad. I didn't do it on purpose. I don't know how to make it stop. I'm now setting alarms at 5 min intervals to keep me awake all the way home but I need to change the alarm tone as I think I'm becoming immune to it.

I did go back to the doctors the day after I came back and saw the practice nurse. I don't feel like he took me very seriously and said there was no sign of infection. He was assuming I don't go to bed early enough for the sleep thing, but I go to bed between 6 pm and 9 pm most nights, occasionally it will be about 11 pm but I don't really consider that all that late. No antibiotics needed but he did give me a nasal spray as I was bunged up.

He agreed to send me for a blood test to see if there was anything else they could see but I've been back for the results and all he said was my sugar levels were too high but not indicating diabetes. I need to get my sugar levels down (AKA Diet) and there was a slight abnormality a liver enzyme but nothing to cause concern or need medication for. I then had a coughing fit and he sent me on my way with another prescription for antibiotics and said he wants to repeat the blood work in September.

What I have noticed is my sleeping is getting worse, last night I went to bed at 9 pm Started to watch Love Island and I fell asleep within 30 mins. I woke up within 90 mins I know this as I'd put my TV on a timer and my tv turned off a couple on mins after I'd woken up. More sleep but awake at midnight - too hot, sleep wake up 1 am - too cold, sleep, wake up 2.30am no idea where I am. Sit on the edge of the bed knowing I need the loo but not being able to get up. 3 am. Go to the loo.  3.30am Get woken up by dad. You're asleep on the loo go back to bed. Sleep, wake 4 am - too hot again. Do i  get up, sit on the edge of bed not being able to get out of bed. sleep repeate a mix of previous till 9 am when I gave up and get up. 12 pm arrives and i'm asleep on the sofa! Is this pattern happening all the time and I just don't remember it? What is wrong with me.

If I go out on a Saturday and I mean just a walk around town, I can't get up on a Sunday and I do nothing. I feel like I have no life. I get home from work, have tea, read blogs, watch TV then sleep. I can't risk going out after work in case it wipes me out at work the next day.

With all the going on I haven't had time for blogging. My YouTube channel has been ticking along as I filmed lots in advance and I managed to film while I was away.

Safe to say I'm feeling very sorry for myself. I now have a barking cough and I'm annoying everyone around me with the sounds I'm making!!!

As well as all this we've been having wifi issues. We have virgin super fast which only works when it wants to on one device at a time!

Apologies for this being so whiney but sometimes it's cathartic to pour it all out.

I do want to try and improve my health and I'm a member of a gym but I haven't felt up to going. I went back last Wednesday and did  Zumba class and it was great and I'm hoping to keep going to that. I just need to make sure I've had a quiet Tuesday and Thursdays planned. I'm also going back to Slimming World. Don't worry this isn't going to be a SW blog and I know this may lose me a number of friends but I wanted to mention it. I'm not a diet bore and I don't want to talk about it 247. I want to crack on and do it. I want my all come back normal in September and I want to be able to go to events again and no be wiped out. They are exhausting enough when you are well. I've got tickets to CFF and accommodation booked. I want to be able to play out on Saturday night and not take to my bed and think I could have done this at home! Someone remind me to book a train ticket and I've got a holiday booked for November and I want to not sleep through that one!!

I want to feel more like me even if I have no idea what I feel like. I want my blood tests to come back "normal" I don't care about losing weight. I admit I'm a couple of stone above where I tend to sit and those plane seats were more uncomfortable than normal but I won't be letting it take over my life.

Other than mirror IG selfies these are then only photos of me from holiday and I hate them, I feel that I look really sad and if i'm honest a bit poorly so I guess they are a true reflection of the time. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a difficult time you're having. Falling asleep like that sounds so scary. I hope that you feel better soon x

  2. I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. Have you had your iron levels checked? Hope you feel better soon. It's no fun being on holiday when you are not 100%.

  3. I hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than feeling the way you do especially on holiday! X

  4. Oh that sounds horrible. I really hope you feel better soon. Take it easy and remember blogging will still be here when you're better.

  5. I had sleeping problems related to stress as I never took the time to wind down. Exercise is a good idea as it will keep you fit and happy and helps to reduce stress. Just do a little bit per day. Taking stairs rather than an elevator etc already makes a difference. I recently started doing a few push ups here and there. Everything counts :) Hope you will feel better soon! X

  6. Oh Steph, you poor thing, this doesn't sound nice at all! I really hope you start to feel better soon xx

  7. Sorry to hear you're not feeling great at the moment :( wishing you well xx

  8. So sorry that you're not feeling great lately. I hope it passes soon. Wishing you well xx

  9. I hope you start to feel more like yourself soon, I'm sorry you've been feeling so poorly :(

  10. I really hope you get better soon. Sometimes it's great to tell people and makes you feel better too.

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. Did you check your iron levels from your body? Sometimes, an iron deficiency manifests with extreme fatigue and lack of energy.

  12. Feeling ill constantly is blinkin' awful
    I have massive issues with my inner ear, I feel awful for B because I can't spin him around or go on rides with him!

    I feel your pain, of sorts, you're always welcome to talk to me <3

  13. Hope you're feeling better soon, such a shame
    You weren't feeling good for your holiday. Xx

  14. This doesn't sound right at all! You poor thing, If I were you I would be heading back to the GP and perhaps asking to see a different doctor. Also keep a journal of what you eat and your sleep patterns as they may ask for this down the line! Sending love x

  15. Yes, you do look like you're trying to be happy, but it's not really working. When your health is bad and you can't figure out what is it exactly and the doctors pretend that your pain isn't real, you tend to feel even worse.
    Just try to do things that will bring your moral up, be around people with good vibes and maybe, just maybe, everything will get better.
    If your health is still worse, than definitely go see a doctor, but one who will actually give a damn.
    Best wishes sweetie~

  16. I'm so sorry that you've been feeling so unwell. It doesn't sound right at all. I hope you're more yourself soon lovely.

    Ami xxx

  17. Oh gosh how scary for you! I hope you start feeling better soon! Make sure you look after yourself.

  18. I'm sorry to hear you have felt so unwell. I hope things improve and it's not long term. I understand what it is to feel sick all the time and it can be so frustrating. Thanks for sharing an honest and lovely blog post!

  19. Falling asleep without even realising it makes it really scary-hope you start feeling better soon, sending across hugs and prayers. Did you check you iron and potassium level!? I was told they become the reason for tiredness sometimes!?

  20. Hope you start to feel a bit better soon. Can't imagine how awful it must be for you right now.

  21. I'm so sad to hear that you've not been feeling good, you need to be persistent and keep going to the doctors until they work something out x

  22. Bless you, it's so tough being ill. Hope you feel better soon.

  23. Gosh you sound so run down. Hope you can start to feel better soon x


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