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Monday, August 14, 2017

I'm no stranger to wax melts and I've been buying the traditional Yankee Tart's for a number of years. 

I've recently discovered electric melters (technical term I'm sure). I've always been a little wary of candles, as much as I love using them. I do worry I'll forget about them or a freak wind will send them flame towards something flammable and I'll burn my house down. 

Tea lights under a wax melt I was a little more comfortable, especially as they tend to only have a couple of hours burning time. I feel a little safer using the electric ones as there is no flame to worry about and I'm happy to have them in a room I'm not sat in. 

I've been buying melts from various places and trying different scents to see what works for me as I normally only buy outdoors scents. I have been impressed with the Tesco own brand melts but I've run out of them or they would have been included. They do a range for the electric burners (melters) which I didn't like as much the ones that are like the ones pictured below are nicer and are under £1 each. 

Yankee Candle - Simply Home

This wouldn't be a post about melting wax without giving a mention to the Yankee Wax Tart. These have been a staple for years. There seems to be an unlimited range of fragrances and I do think they have a good throw to the scents. 

 I do stick to clean and outdoorsy scents such as clean linen, soft cotton but my favourite scent has to be sage and white tea. I have never smelt anything like it before and if I could only smell one scent for the rest of time I would choose this. I've googled just now and I can't seem to find it anymore on the Yankee website or any other website which I'm hoping is a mistake as this is my last one. I have tried a few different scents and have a berry one on the go at the moment. I do keep thinking about being more adventurous but I know what I like and often go back to my favourites.

Home Inspirations by Yankee Candle

I've recently been to my local supermarket to buy some more of the above melts and they have disappeared from the shelves and have been replaced the Home Inspirations range. 

Initially, I was wary. Did I really want a pack of 6 of the same scent? If I'm honest, no I don't but I feel like I picked scents I like and will enjoy using and by being in the packs they are easy to store and by having a few different packs in I can use them as and when rather than having to keep using the same one over and over again. 

Local Market

I noticed this stall at my local market a number of weeks ago, selling a range of candles but they have recently moved to a different pitch which I walk past most Saturdays and I noticed they have the wax melts. 

They have a huge range of scents and I really struggled to pick my favourites. They are 5 for £1 or 12 for £2. 

They seem to have scents that cover most peoples tastes and at their prices, I decided to try some scents I wouldn't normally go for.

 For my first purchase, I went for:

  • Dewberry
  • Blue Sky
  • Lavender
  • Lavender and Lemon (now discontinued) 
  • Coconut
  • Black Cherry

The following weekend, I went back and bought another 12, just as I was leaving the stall I spotted a Satsuma scented melt and it smelled amazing, so I decided to buy another 5. The man on the stall said I could have 6 as we'd been chatting which was lovely of him and I did double check with him.

The scents I bought that week were:

  • Mango
  • Satsuma
  • Pink Musk
  • Coconut
  • Fresh Linen
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Apple
I tend to use 2 or three of these at a time and I'm currently burning mango and lemon and it is a perfect combination. I want to buy more but from what I've shown is only a small selection of what I own. 

As this is about my most purchased products I didn't include some of the other brands I use but I think I need to give an honourable mention to "A Wick and a Prayer" I'd been recommended this brand before and when I was away in March I picked up a couple of their bars. They look like bars of chocolate but don't try eating them. I picked up Black Peony which is a little strong but I do like it and the Gin and Tonic scent which I have really enjoyed using. I do use these sparingly but they are well worth looking into.

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  1. I used to use waxtarts all the time until my husband broke my burner. Need to get a new one!

    1. Treat yourself! My electric melt warmers were under £5 each. x


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