YouTube | Month in a Minute - July 2017

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

I say this in almost every post but where is this year going? July has been and gone and Hello August! 

Last year I started making these short youtube videos "Month in a Minute" Inspired by Sian from Helpful Mum who has been making these videos for a while. I love the concept which is to record a couple of seconds each day and at the end of the month, you will have a minute of footage.

Since I got my new phone which has the memory card concealed / not easy to access I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to record 2 seconds a day on my camera but after a chat in a Facebook group, a few of us committed to try and make a video for July. I've watched Sian's video and 2 others have said they are in the stages of editing/uploading so that will be something to look forward to watching later.

I found a video editing app in the play store to edit on my phone and it was super easy but it has their watermark on my video which I hate but I'm going to leave it for this month and try and work on something better for next month. Any recommendations are welcome.

July started with having my hair done. I had it cut at the end of June but she couldn't do my colour at the same time.

As always there was lots of shopping, trips on public transport and it seemed to be a month where fireworks went off almost every night.

My local town centre also hosted an event every Saturday including the Bloom festival which celebrated them partaking in the city in bloom competition ( we are a town but too populated to take place in the town in bloom category so we go in the city one as it goes on the size of the electoral roll or something like that) There was also a vintage car show and Pride celebrations. Sadly those clips didn't import and I was so excited to get a video up I forgot to go and look for them. I might try and redo the video in the next few days and add in a new version but for now, I'm happy with my little 60 seconds.

July was also a month of Love Island. Admittedly this was a 7 week long series but I missed so much of it and colleague got me hooked and I spent a weekend catching up and watched about 22 episodes in three days. I did skip loads but at the end of those 3 days, I was hooked. 

If you make Youtube videos I'd urge you to have a go at making these. They are so lovely to look back on and 2 seconds a day really isn't much of a commitment. They also upload to youtube extremely quickly which is always a bonus and they are amazing to look back on and they are the only type of my own videos that I like watching back. 

Month in a Minute

If you have made one of these videos make sure you join in the linky on Sian's blog x

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  1. I really need to give youtube a try - its the only platform I don't use with my blog. I'm looking forward to Pride in Cardiff later this month.

  2. This is such a great idea to look back on a rundown of how your month was! I really want to start getting back into Youtube a little more with my travelling ♥

  3. This is a really nice idea for a video, it must be nice looking back on your month x

  4. This is such a cool idea to look back on! I might give it a try for September :)

  5. This is such a great idea. I definitely want to give doing this a try!

  6. I'm a massive YouTube Addict so you will be getting added to the watch list

  7. Ah I love this! I recently downloaded the 1 second app - an app where you record 1 second each day then, at the end it plays them all together. It's so cool! Maj xoxo

  8. I love the idea of a Month in a Minute. I really need to get into YouTube!

  9. Ah i love the idea of this video! It's so good to look back on your month! I do a round-up video at the end of the year and it's always my favourite video to produce! xo


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