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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Last week I visited Featherblade Steak which is Just off King Street, on Booth Street in Manchester, with a work friend before we headed to a gin tasting event. More about that in a separate post.

We decided it would be sensible to have something to eat as it was a Tuesday night and in all honesty, we didn't know what to expect at the gin tasting (it was good).

Featherblade is a pop-up restaurant and it's selling point is "One cut. One Price. Ten quid"

Salted popcorn comes to the table while you decide and we were offered a choice of specials which my friend says is new, but we'd gone for steak and steak is what we got.

The steak was perfect, I had mine rare which is my preference but they do recommend medium-rare to medium (and the menu says not to ask for it well done or you'll spoil it!) The steak itself is £10 which feels like good value, we also had a discount code as my friend is a member of the VIP and I've just signed myself up. I'm not sure what the discount was but my gut feeling it was just off the price of the steak. She said they send regular offers. (I've had my first voucher and it was 50% off steak)

Sides are priced separately and I couldn't resist the mushrooms and onions, for me, it's favourite side dish with steak and I'm a huge fan of mushrooms and who could resist the dripping fried chips. Each cost £3 and they were big enough to share, and by share I mean the other person gets two different side dishes so you get the best of everything.

There is also a great selection of beers, wines, soft drinks and cocktails. My wine of choice was the semi-dry Pinot Grigio which was lovely and fresh and I would have happily had a second glass if it wasn't for Gin tasting.

While the limited menu choice might not be for everyone, I loved this concept. I get menu blindness when I'm faced with a large number of options and to go somewhere and not have to think about what I'm having or spend days pouring over a menu to find something to have. I'm not fussy (I am a bit) but getting those three choices in case they have run out of options 1 and 2 was eliminated and for that reason, I would recommend this to all my steak loving friends.

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