BEAUTY | Holler and Glow Face Masks From Primark and More

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

I'm a huge fan of facemasks and I try and do one one a week or so. Some weeks I'm better than others. I'd noticed my local Primark had a mix of new and interesting looking face masks in. 

In recent times, I've noticed I prefer sheet masks over mud type mask (wash off or peel off masks) I still love them but I do have a huge stock of sheet masks already and I've recently finished all three of my L'Oreal mud mask pots (they are really nice btw!).

BEAUTY | Primark Face Masks

I will hold my hand up and say the packaging drew me in. Initially, I hesitated at the price of a lot of the masks. At £3 each they seemed expensive compared to the ones I've been getting from boots and superdrug but I haven't had a bad word to say about any Primark branded skin care.

I also picked up a couple of other products including a mud mask as they used to be a favorite and I have finished my L'Oreal masks.

My sleep has been all over the place recently so I'm hoping the sunflower and cucumber eye mask ones will make me look more human.

BEAUTY | Primark Face Masks

I only picked up two of the Holler and Glow masks as I did decide to be sensible and test them before I did my usual and stock up.

To my surprise (I didn't read the packaging - It might say) The masks are patterned as well. I was hoping they would be but I'd convinced myself it was just going to be pretty packaging.

The shape of the mask was a little more oval than other masks I've used, but this worked well and fitted my face better than expected.

BEAUTY | Primark Face Masks

After using the mask for 15 mins, the mask had dried up quite a bit but my skin felt amazing and soft and I was lovely and relaxed.

At £3 I do think these are on the expensive side, however, I do think I will be buying some more of these.

My immediate thought was these would be fab for a girlie sleepover or hen weekend, there is a lot of different masks and there should be one to suit everyone and think of the selfies!

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