TRAVEL | Liverpool & TCFF Weekend 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

This post has been a long time coming but I after big events like the Curve Fashion Festival it takes me a long time to process what has happened and I always get a case of post-event blues. 

There is no denying that it is a long and tiring day but it is worth every emotion, tired moment, ache and pain it causes. This might seem dramatic but every part of my body hurt after the event. 

Meeting so many people, hugs, walking around, chatting non-stop takes it out of you more than you'd think. 

Events like these for me are more about the people than the stands. As much as I love to shop, I love meeting up with friends more. 

I had decided to make a weekend of it, I love Liverpool and staying over Friday and Saturday gave me a chase to explore the city (ok the shops), see my friends, go to the event and recover. 

One of the things I most wanted to do was to see the street of umbrellas that are part of an Autism Awareness campaign, to be honest, I don't know anything about the campaign itself. I should really google it but I'd watched a piece about them on our local news (Which also covers Merseyside as well as where I live) and wanted to see them for myself. They are beautiful to see and what I hadn't realised was they have been decorated as well as displayed. If you want to see them they are on the street at the side of Primark.

Any trip to Liverpool isn't really a trip if you don't go to P&D Deli. This is one of my favourite spots in the city. It's down a side street (next to M&S) and they have outside seat with heaters and an awning to protect us from any inclement weather.

Initially, I had booked to stay in a hotel but when I decided to stay over for longer I changed my plans and booked an Air BnB.

This was the right decision, I had a whole apartment to myself. decent wifi and a balcony. The flat was around 10 minutes from the Liverpool One and plenty of places to eat along the route.

I'm not sure if it is because I'm an only child but I don't like sharing rooms or waiting for people. This might sound selfish but I like my own space and I get anxious about being late, even if something doesn't have a specific start time (or rather you don't need to be somewhere for a specific time) I'm also one of those early people. You know the ones. If I'm less than 10 minutes early I feel late.

The apartment meant I could work on blog posts (haha) but I did manage to edit a few videos for my YT channel and I didn't feel cooped up like hotel rooms. Yes, it would have been nice to spend more time with friends but I like my solitude. This also is why I turned down all the offers from people to meet them before the event and walk in with them. Sorry if I looked rude or ungrateful but sometimes I just need to get myself there and in.

The event itself was huge and there was a lot of brands but while I did walk around a lot, I also feel like I didn't see anything. A lot of the upcoming fashions really don't feel like something I would wear or are wildly out of my price range, even if they were half price. That's not to say I didn't seem some nice things. I'm sure I did, I just don't remember!

I got to see a lot of my favourite people, I had more hugs in that one day than I've had all year and that really means a lot to me that people are so friendly and while most of the year they live inside my phone when we meet up it's never awkward and as if we only saw each other a few days ago.

I did still have to have a couple of breathers by myself as I always do. This event is huge and it's open to all, not just brands and bloggers which I think makes it special.

There are also some celeb who go and you can meet and have books signed but I'm not about that, one I don't know who half of them are or what they do! I recognised Gemma Collins and Tess Holiday barged past me knocking me into a stand (ouch) but that was my only interaction. If people like that thing then you have meet and greet opportunities but other than a selfie with Sandy from Google box I didn't have any interaction with the celebs.

One mistake I made was to forget my bank card, luckily it was back at the Air BnB. I think I told everyone I'd lost it, but I didn't panic or immediately leave. I just droned on about it. I did end up leaving early just to make sure it was where I thought it was.

I did buy a dress from Apples and Pears clothing and was tempted to buy something from New Look (which is how I discovered my card was missing) From all the stands I think New Look is the most me which is odd as I rarely go into a New Look store as there seem to be less and less of them with the plus size range in store and I don't do a lot of online shopping for clothes.

Over the past couple of years, the organisers of The Curve Fashion Festival have listened. Last year there were issues with places to sit and chill out, this year there was a lot more seating available. Still  not enough but far better than ever before.

Last year the temperature was ridiculous and a lot of people complained and I know of at least 2 people who left early because they felt unwell. This year it was moved to a different hall which we'd been told there was air con. For me, it was still far too warm. I do think the aircon was on but it's such a big space and for the number of people it just doesn't get cool enough. I made sure I wore a short sleeve top and light pants. I don't know how they could improve this but I did remember to take my fan and I got use out of it.

The VIP area also seemed better but I'd only bought a standard ticket as last years VIP looked quite poor. I'm not sure I'd buy a VIP ticket next time but it was good to see feedback had been taken onboard.

Other improvements which might be out of the organisers hands is the price of food and drink. It was over £2 for a soft drink and I think bottled water was around the same price. £7 for a small chicken burger and sweet potato chips. It would have been nice to get some cold water for a reasonable price without having to leave the venue.

I did have a lot of fun, I remembered to take selfies with people but I didn't use any of the photo booths which is a shame as we all know I love a good photo booth but my mission was to do selfies and I did!! They are on my Instagram account if you want to see them.

As I've said I love the city of Liverpool and it's really easy to get around, I walked everywhere but there is lots of public transport and taxies. I'm really proud of myself for walking and I got to see a lot of the city. If I'd not forgotten that blasted card I would have liked to have wandered around Albert Dock and I had planned to explore Liverpool One again but by the time I got back to the apartment, located the card, wandered back to Primark to get some bits I was shattered and went back, got a cheeky Burrito and put my feet up for the night.

I would highly recommend going to an event like this, it's well organised and it's good to catch up with people, nice to to some shopping and good to visit a city I love.

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