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Friday, October 06, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a blogger event hosted by Reeves at Foundation Coffee House in Manchester. 

It was a chance to get creative and try out some of the products, Reeves is a brand I felt like I'd heard of but when I checked their website nothing seemed familiar and when I mentioned this they said they had recently re-branded and google image search later made me realise I do know them and have used a lot of their products over my many creative escapades. I have to say I do love the new branding. 

We had a choice of three activities and I was happy to see a friendly and familiar face in Asma from Jet Set Chick we only seem to see each other at creative events but it was lovely to catch up with her. We were joined by two other bloggers Iwen from Mr Carrington and Kiran who I discovered is very local to me.

Coffee has to precede all activities for me at the moment and this might be one of the best flat whites I've had in a while. I also like it when coffee is served in a glass. Extra points!

I'd like to introduce Derek the succulent, he was my first choice when it came to picking one. The idea was to decorate the pot. I feel like he might have been a little big and had more paint on him than the pot at one point but I do love hi, (I might need to water him - how often do they need watering?)

Some of the paint supplied was metallic and myself and Asma were both drawn to this. I know I'm not very neat and decided to keep it simple.

I decided I'd go for a dark blue with a copper accent and I really like how it turned out. Simple but effective, even if I do say so myself.

I attempted two goes at the post card. The first time I tried painting but I'm not neat enough. Pencil crayons worked a lot better and I love the purple pencil I used on this.

I feel like I took my post card a little bit too seriously and some of the other efforts had been displayed and there are a lot of creative people in Manchester!

Before we left I did attempt another decorative pot but I just painted it all copper! I have intentions to re-visit and add some blue to match the first one. This plant is called Jim. My friend said I should call him Vic (Reeves) but I went one further  and took it to Jim (Moir) Just because I like to be awkward.

A big thank you to the Reeves team for making it such a fun event, they also supplied pizza which I didn't try, I was too busy being creative and a GIF generator which again I didn't use but I did see someone use it with their dog and it was so cute. I felt like me, Jim & Derek couldn't match up to that in the world of GIF Generation.

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