LIFESTYLE | My Introduction to Podcasts and I'm Hooked

Monday, October 16, 2017

As someone who is never on trend or with the modern world, I have only just discovered PodCasts. I have heard of them before, but I guess I thought of them as something you can only get with Apple products. I do have an iPod but to be honest I only use it to listen to the Radio. I have about 3 albums on it and I never ever plug it into the computer.

However over the past few months. Maybe longer, I lose track of time. I've heard and read a few people mentioning them and when I realise most PodCasts, you can listen to on their own respective websites and you can get android apps. I thought why not. 

I'm less than a week in and I've almost finished my third series. I know there are lots of different ones out there and I'm a little overwhelmed. I've only listened to True Crime ones at the moment but if you have a favourite let me know. I feel like I like things in a series rather than a weekly show. I'd like to be able to binge listen and I'm happy to listen to old things as well as new. 

I like that I can just listen and carry on with what I'm doing without having to watch a screen and I've found an App for my phone that lets me cast to my TV Via my Chrome Cast. I like doing it this way as not only is the sound better but my TV has the option to turn off the screen and just use the speakers which is good as I kept finding myself still looking at the screen. The app also has a sleep timer which you can set to switch the app off at the end of the PodCast plus it gives a few other options between 5 mins to an hour or the end of the PodCast. I use this in conjunction with my sleep timer on my TV when I've been listening to them in bed. 


I picked serial to start with as I feel like this is the one I've heard people talk about the most. It only took me about 3 days to through the whole series and I did enjoy it. I really like the woman's voice who does the PodCast and found the story interesting. 


Again I picked this as I'd heard people talking about it and right from the start I was hooked, it's fascinating, strange and captured my interest from the very beginning. 

Phoebe's Fall

Facebook recommended and another true crime PodCast, I liked this was Australian rather than American and I think I fell in love with the victims Grandad. I've no idea what he looks like and he might be a million years old but I like his no-nonsense Aussie charm. 

Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder

This time I went with British True Crime and I've still got three episodes of this left to listen to. If I'm honest, I'm not as taken with this one as the others. I do like listening to them revisiting old evidence but the crime happened 30 years ago and I feel like it's not capturing my attention as much

My Dad Wrote a Prono

When I started to listen to this I did so with the intention that I'd listen to one, feel a little bit prude and give up after 15 minutes but I'm hooked. I feel like I LOL IRL constantly whilst listening to this. I do keep feeling paranoid and double checking the sound is coming from my earphones and not my phones speakers but I'm on my 2nd day of listening and on episode 10. I don't think I've ever laughed as much at anything in my whole life. 

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