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Friday, November 10, 2017

I'm sure you're all getting bored of this 30x30 concept but I've loved doing it throughout October and I had the idea to try and do it for all of 2018 (excluding holiday and when I just don't want to) 

Rather than waiting until January, I'm going to carry on from November. I don't think I'll be doing weekly updates but I do want to do an introductory post as I did in October. I think there will be a couple of tweaks to this line up as between taking pictures and writing the post I've changed my mind and if you count there are only 28 items in these pictures. 

I have also carried over a couple of items from the previous month. I did think about carrying more items over but I own a lot of clothes and it was time to swap things out. 

The one thing I have changed is to exclude shoes. I decided it was better to work through my clothes. 

November will be a short month for me as I'm going away at the end of the month and I'm not counting any of these items for my Holiday. 

1. Green Top - Primark
2. Grey Top - Primark
3.Grey Lined Top - ASDA?
3.Red Floral top - Yours
4. Blue Top - Tesco
5. Green Jumper - M&S
6. Grey Spot Top - ?

7. Cream Heart Jumper - NL
8.Black Cardie  - Pep & Co
9. Floral Shirt - Yours
10. Blue Cardie - Tesco
11. Purple Dress - ASDA
12. Pink & Black Dress - ASDA
 13. Navy Cold Shoulder Dress - ?
14. Floral Swing Dress - Simply Be
15. Striped Dress - Next
16. Leggins - M&S
17. Black Pants - H&M
18. Black Pants - Next
19. B&W Print Pants - Tesco
20. Dark Blue Jeans - Sainsbury's
21. Light Blue Jeans - Evans

22. Green Print Pants - Next
23. Blue / Brown Print Pants - Next
24. Black Tshirt - Pep & Co
25. Autumn Print Vest - Encuentro
26. Black Button Vest - Pep & Co
27. Grey Tshirt - Pep & Co
28. Black Vest - Encuentro

29. Black Knitted Bomber  - H&M
30. Red Dress - NL

31. Black top shoulder - Pep & Co
32. Black Leggins - Matalan

I find doing this helps me get dressed quicker. I'm finding out what clothes I like and don't like wearing. I should have mentioned in my last post how I felt about the items I've picked. If I've decided to pass on any of those items or if I'm keeping everything!

I've not had a chance to take some new pictures but I've narrowed down the true list to be:

Definite List

1 Red Floral top   Yours
2  Blue Top   Tesco
3  Green Jumper   M&S
4  Grey Spot Top   Sainsbury's
5  Cream Heart Jumper   NL
6 Black Cardie    Pep & Co
7  Floral Shirt   Yours
8  Blue Cardie   Tesco
9  Purple Dress   ASDA
10  Pink & Black Dress   ASDA
11  Navy Cold Shoulder Dress  Lovedrobe
12  Floral / Bird Print Swing Dress   Simply Be
13  Striped Dress   Next
14  Leggins   M&S
15  Black Pants   H&M
16 Black Jeggins  Sainsbury's
17  B&W Circle Print Pants   Tesco
18  Dark Blue Girlfriend Jeans   Sainsbury's
19  Light Blue Jeans   Evans
20  Blue / Brown Print Pants   Next
21  Autumn Print Vest   Encuentro
22  Black Button Sleeveless Top   Pep & Co
23  Grey Tshirt   Pep & Co
24  Black Vest   Encuentro
25  Black Knitted Bomber    H&M
26  Red Dress   NL
27  Black top shoulder   Pep & Co
28  Black Leggins   Matalan
29 Black Pointe Leggins Next
30 Print Top M&S

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