DAY 1| Blogmas 2017 -It's Here!!

Friday, December 01, 2017

Wow. When did I last write a post? I can hardly remember and checking would require far more effort than I've got in me right now.

Apologies in advance for the quality if this post as I'm away on holiday and I've had a few drinks but I feel inspired to do blogmas. Plus I've only got my phone to blog with until Sunday so please excuse the formatting etc.

It seems strange to think about Christmas  right now as it's about 19 degrees as I'm sat on the terrace drinking Lemsip. Yep I'm away and ill.  Nothing new there.

I have got a busy December planned. Busiest than in previous years so hopefully I will have time  to update you.

I guess for this first post I want to say I'm still about and let's all have a  fab December.

Thinks I've got planned include a trip to Housing  Units, the Christmas Markets, afternoon tea, Christmas meals (x3) and a Christmas party. There might be other things like shopping.(i should buy people presents!)

I was kinda organised and ordered my mum a mug but when it arrived it was child sized! I need to read details better. I decided I would return it but Amazon have refunded me and said to keep the item. I've not had that before but it seems to be more and more common. Have you had that before?

I have no real plan for blogmas as if you're following a list of prompts or want to seem something in particular give me a heads up.

One of the things I love about December is elf on the shelf. I don't have kids so I don't take part but if you do send me links  to your pictures. He mightbe slightly evil but I do enjoy seeing how creative everyone gets.

S x

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