Day 5 | Blogmas 2017 - Festive Plans

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

I’m fighting a losing battle and being honest I’m only feeling half festive. We’re being made to be festive at work this week and I’ve got my defences up. I will be festive on my own terms.

This got me thinking about how festive I’m planning on being and the answer is pretty festive over the next week or so.

Starting with my annual trip to Housing Units, for the last 2 years they’ve held a blogger Christmas Event and I’ve been invited again. I’m excited to look round the Christmas Shop and have a tour of the store. Last year if I remember rightly we got to meet Santa.

As well the decorating the office festivities that are planned for this week (can someone lend me some festive cheer for this) We have our teams Xmas Lunch which should be good and gives us a chance to swap secret Santa gifts and the main company Christmas Party all happening with in a couple of days next week. I’m still on the fence about going to the company do but I have booked a hotel just in case.

I’ve also got a trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets pencilled in this year, I may break from tradition and try some different food this year. My go to food is a hog roast and / or a mix of Navy potatoes and garlic mushrooms. This year I want to try the roast dinner in a Yorkshire pudding wrap which looks incredible and a work colleague has told me about a giant cookie you can get which looks all gooey and delicious.

This coming weekend I have got a festive afternoon tea booked in and a bar close to the café has its own mini Christmas market so we’re planning to have a look round. I’m just hoping the weather forecast is wrong as the village is in Saddleworth and snow plus buses will not be fun or might prevent us from getting there. I’m looking on the bright side.

The final festive plan is our annual girlie Christmas meal, we’re going to the same place as last year as the menu was really nice and this year they have a new range of festive cocktails so I’m sure we will work our way through a couple of them for testing purposes.

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