Day 6 | Blogmas 2017 - Christmas Tag - Part 2

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Earlier in the week I did part one of this tag, all the info about why I picked in and where I found it can be found in that post

6. What tops your tree?

My tree at work is topped by a snowflake. Our tree at home isn’t a traditional Christmas tree and I’m not even sure if it’ll be going up this year at all. We just haven’t got any space at all in the front room. For the last couple of years we have put up two what only can be described as lighty-up twig tress.

7. Favourite Christmas Movie?

There are so many Christmas films and I haven’t watched all that many but I do love Elf.

8. Christmas Wardrobe Essentials?

I love a festive Jumper and have 2 or three but I get very warm so Christmas T-shirts are my saviour. I haven’t worn one yet but one will be getting an outing later this week or next.

9. Where would be your dream place to visit for the Holiday Season?

As much as I’d love to go somewhere like an Ice Hotel or to see the Northern Lights I’d actually like to spend Christmas somewhere warm and sunny. I’d be the first on the plane to the canaries if I could for Christmas

10. The Best Bit about Christmas?

I could go all warm and fuzzy but it’s probably more honest to say either the Christmas markets or the post-Christmas sales!!

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