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Monday, January 15, 2018

Love her or loathe her you can’t fail to avoid the Zoella brand, personally, I like watching her vlogs and can’t help but think it’s impressive how she has gone from a blogger/vlogger to a brand.
I have used several her bath and body products in the past and while I don’t feel the need to rush out and keep buying them, I do like a few enough to buy again and I like them enough to try new things when they come out.


Personally, I’m happy to wait for sales and special offers. I won’t be queuing up for launch day of products or pre-ordering online, but I do get intrigued and want to try the products.
I called into Superdrug between Christmas and New Year to pick up a eyeliner and they had quite a few of the Zoella Beauty products in the half-price sale.
The two products I picked up were the “Treasure Me” Gift box and the “Snow Ella Fragrance set”
These products have a fresh, sweet and clean scent. I do think it’s a little on the young side but I do like it.

Treasure Me


This Gift box contains 8 products and all but one of these appears to be full-sized or at least a very good size.

Splash of Milk


This is bath milk powder, I’ve never tried anything like this below but I’m assuming it’s going to be a little bit like bath salts. I’m interested to try these and planning on putting them to this test this coming week.

Snow Scoop


I’m not sure what it is about bath cream in a tub rather than a bottle, but it feels a little bit more luxurious than a plain old bottle. I adore taking baths and with my back being bad at the moment I’m taking at least one a day. I’m excited to use up what’s in the bathroom at the moment and get using this

Snow Silky


This is one product I possibly won’t use. I’m terrible at using body cream. I do try and use it and I go through phases but If I look in my product stash drawer it’s full of body creams. I will either give this to a friend at work or see if my mum wants it.

Winter Wonder Hand


From all the Zoella Beauty products I’ve tried the hand cream is one of the ones, I would happily buy over and over again. I’ve recently finished a tube of the original hand cream and I’ve been working my way through my other hand creams before I let myself buy another one so I’m very happy to have this one.

Snow Smooth

Alongside the Snow Silky, I will most probably not use. Another one to pass on to friends and family. Although I really should moisturise, and this doesn’t seem to be a huge pot. I may keep this to take on holiday and see if I use it there before passing on.

Snow Fresh

This is a body wash which I know I will use, I’ve liked and enjoyed using other Zoella Body Washes and I hope this will be no different. This will be going straight in the bathroom to be used once my snow fairy has been used up.

Snow Polished


One of the few products I’ve repurchased from a Zoella Beauty line is the body polish, I think it was the first one she brought out was my almost perfect scrub, I have high hopes for this and I’m looking forward to using it.

Shower Scrunchie


I love the colours of this, which is an odd thing to say as it’s just a shower scrunchie, but it reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream. It’s a small, compared to the soap and glory scrunchies but I’m more than happy with this and will keep hold of it to take on holiday.

 Snow Ella Fragrance set


Snow Silky

As much as I don’t use body lotion, it was worth getting this set for the fragrance alone. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for the set, but I know friends who I can pass this on to.

Snow Ella Fragrance

I love the scent of this and it will be perfect for an everyday work fragrance, I do own a few perfumes but I’m still in the mindset of saving things for best. I also get bored or scents quickly so I’m happy to have a few so I can swap and change.


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  1. Cute products! The bath milk powder sounds lush, I bet it leaves skin silky soft! The snow fresh body wash looks lovely too x

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five


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