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Thursday, January 18, 2018

This year my Christmas shopping has been all about me. I haven't had many people to buy for. 3 family members, secret Santa and I did get my friends little boy a couple of little bits but every time I've gone to buy presents I've bought myself something. They haven't been little things either!

The first present I bought myself was the Harry Potter Books Boxset. Are books in boxsets? It has a half box round it so I'm going to say a confident yes.

I haven't read all the books in a very long time, I did have all the books but over time they had been sent to the charity shops. I regret this but as I'd spotted some funky looking special editions for the 20th anniversary in a bookshop. I decided it was time to buy them again. From what I can see the special editions are just of the first book and it was working out cheaper to buy the set from Amazon.
I have spotted the books in Tesco on 2 for £7 which would be cheaper £28 plus an extra book as there are 7 books (8 films) but as bad as this sounds I didn't like the covers.

The covers I've got are the adult editions (That makes them sound a bit 50 shades - the content is the same, but covers are more grown up) (Feeling prudish right now)

I've had the books around a fortnight now and I'm halfway through the set. I'm as in love with the series now as I was back when I first read it about 15 years ago.

I find myself picking little holes but and going "really" a lot, probably more than I did back then when the magic (Boom Tish) was all new to me and I've rewatched the first film and picked more holes. Mainly about some of the change they made. Small but annoying but that's a whole (Boom Tish) other post.

Harry Potter Boxset
Harry Potter Boxset

The world of Harry Potter is magical and whether you've never read it or haven't read it for a while I urge you to read the books. The films are good, but the books are just so much more. I laugh with them as well as at them, my heart breaks for them. I go "really" (A long thin package. Broom length and width - whatever could it be?) I worry how they will be able to pass the O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts when they don't seem to take English and Maths. They do a lot of essays and surely a primary school understanding of grammar is not enough. My primary school didn't really teach that. I'm over thinking it? What would OFSTED Say?! I mean are they even rated? Yes, I am over thinking it but even Witches and Wizards need more than just a potions O.W.L to get by in life.

Harry Potter Boxset
Harry Potter Boxset

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