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As 2017 comes to a close I thought I would look back over the last 12 months and look at the highlights and do a little bit of reminiscing.


I started the year by setting my stall out with "2017 Goals - Not Resolutions" post, I think this worked well for me and while I didn't achieve half the goals I set they were more realistic and I felt like I could work towards them. I think I gave myself too many things to focus on and in 2018 I will do similar but I think I need to be more concise. 

January is also the time I tend to start panning challenges and 2017 was no exception "Use 7 by Spring - A 2017 Panning Challenge" Rather than doing a one-year long project I did 3 quarterly projects but as always I seemed to tire out and give up towards the end. 2018 might be a pan free year.

As the year began I was still doing The Collab Girlies videos on YouTube and in January we looked at our winter skin care. "The Collab Girlies - Winter Skin Care"  loved doing this collab but as the year marched on life kept getting in the way and we stopped doing the videos. I'd love to get another collab group going again. 


This was a busy month blog wise and I posted 10 posts, the 2nd most busy month! It was quite a varied month looking at a "MUA Re-Haul"

As well as sharing details of a beauty subscription box Love Me Beauty - Subscription January 2017
 I also talked about my favourite style of bag My Favourite Style of Bag | Have Best - Backpack f...
Backpacks still rock my world. 

We also had a look through my makeup bag, I'm thinking about doing this once a quarter or more frequently as one of my 2018 goals is to try and wear makeup more. I have hardly worn it the second half of this year. What's in my Makeup Bag | February 2017

It's funny looking back at that post as I still use very similar products but I can see how much I've used and some items I've actually finished. I have been saving my makeup empties for 2017 and I may do a post or a video on that soon. 


Only 4 posts in March including "Food| Inside Innside Bloggers Lunch" which is a Hotel on First Street in Manchester city centre. It was a nice change and they had some lovely food. 

It was also the month I discovered "Beauty | Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Tissue M..." these masks are really lovely and I have a nice stock of them. They are good to use in winter and I wish I'd used one tonight.

I also bought new "BEAUTY | EOS Coconut Milk Lip Balm" I love these but they are quite expensive for what they are. Luckily I spotted this one in TK Maxx for half price.


This was also another quite bloggy month I talked about my "BEAUTY| Love Me Beauty - February 2017" I really liked this subscription, I liked that you can pick your items but I have now cancelled it. I have so many products I needed a break and I haven't subscribed to anything new. 

April also saw my first book review. BOOKS | REVIEW - Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculia...
my friend Hales send it to me and I really enjoyed it. I was a little apprehensive as it's not something I'd normally read but I want to read the others in the series.

The month ended with a product review for "Let's Raise a Glass - Premier Estates Wines" I was very impressed and ordered a case of their fizz and I'm now kicking myself for not ordering some for NYE.


Just looking back over May and it was a lovely month, it might be because it is y birthday month but I feel like I got lots of lovely posts up. In April I went to the 2#VikingArtyParty - Craft Afternoon in Manchester" I was worried about going to this as it was a couple of days after my gran passed away but there was nothing I could do and it provided a very welcome distraction and was a lot of fun (even if I felt like I shouldn't be having fun) 

I also wrote up my weekend away TRAVEL | WEEKEND IN MATLOCK, We had such a fun weekend, we went to an aquarium and played on 2p machines. Had a mini hen do right in the middle and watched the 1D movie. All the things 30 somethings should be doing 

My friend Janice sent me the Beauty | MUR Redemption Palette Iconic 1 which is a fab little pallet, we used it in one of our collab girlies videos and I really should dig it out and use it some more. 

As well as all of that I got over excited about the color pop sales and got bitten by customs charges!!! BEAUTY | Color Pop - I got a bit overexcited in t... it was worth it and my savings were more than customer charges.


I was away for half of June and only posts three times. One of these included a post for some new glasses I reviewed.


July saw me still being ill and recovering from my holiday. Whilst on holiday I finally found a Tiger store and I shared some of the things I bought STATIONERY | Tiger Store - My First Visit

I also shared "TRAVEL | 3 THINGS TO DO CARTEGENA" which is one of my favourite cities in Spain. I'd love to go back and spend a few days there. 

2017 was fraught with many trying times in my personal life, one I try and keep away from the blog, vlog and social media but looking back through twitter its clear to see I've been down, sad, miserable, angry and I still am in many ways. In  July I went on a course through work about being more mindful and it got me thinking and trying. I do still use some of the techniques I started but I really need to pick up where I left off with a lot of these Lifestyle | Mindfulness and Me

I did have a little competition win in June and my prize arrived in July and it was such a lovely little gift. It was from my favourite place to buy planner stickers on Etsy and as I'd made an order everything came in one package, it felt like Christmas opening it. PLANNING | The Ginger Cat co Haul and Comp Win


August was a busy month, I went to an event at Bella Italia EVENTS | La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia where we got to try the new summer menu and there were a lot of watermelon cocktails to go round!

It was also time to buy some new foundation BEAUTY | Rimmel Match Perfect and Lasting Finish F...
I really rate rimmel as a drugstore brand and I'm really pleased with all of the things I shared in this post.

I also reviewed another book BOOK REVIEW | On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fle...

LIFESTYLE | Wax Melt Addiction - My 3 Most Used / ...

I got all excited about wax melts and I shared some of my favourite melts. My favourite place to buy them is from my local market but I did share some others that you can buy on the high street.


In September I was introduced to Feather Blade, Food & Drink | Featherblade Steak - Manchester This is such a good idea for steak lovers.

I also had a weekend away in Liverpool TRAVEL | Liverpool & TCFF Weekend 2017 Its a city I love and really enjoyed my time away. I also had my first Air BnB experience.

I also tried BEAUTY | Holler and Glow Face Masks From Primark a... for the first time and fell in love with a Mens face mask (Which I can't find any more)


In October I went to my first Christmas party Events | Festivities at the Hilton I'd never been in Cloud 23 before and I love it.

It was also a chance to get creative at EVENTS | We Are Reeves - Blogger Event and catch up with other bloggers.

One of the best events I was invited to this year was EVENTS | Gin Tasting @ Impossible Manchester. I took a work colleauge who loves Gin and we got totry some new ones and I may have found a favourite.


Another quiet month, another month of illness and a holiday but I did do another month of 30x30. I love this way of dressing and I'm going to try and do it throughout 2018. Although it's 2018 now and I have nothing organised!!! Fashion | 30x30 November Introduction


The final month of the year and it was a very festive time. I had an amazing afternoon tea at VCK
FOOD | Vintage Cupcake Kitchen - Festive Afternoo...

I tried to do Blogmas but as it was a spur of the moment thing I only made it to Day 9 | Blogmas 2017 - Canarian Christmas

There was also the annual Day 8 | Blogmas 2017 - Housing Units Festive Even...Housing Units event with was amazing as ever 

That was my 2017 all wrapped up in one post, here's to an amazing 2018

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