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Monday, January 22, 2018

Harry Potter is everywhere now, last year was the 20th anniversary of the first book and Primark have stepped in to meet a lot of peoples needs/desire to be in the world of Harry and co.
I hadn’t read the books for years and before Christmas, I treated myself to the box set of books and DVDs. I know the films are on TV a lot but I wanted to own them so I could watch them whenever I wanted.

 Primark Harry Potter Merch
While I have no need for any Harry Potter Merchandise I couldn’t help but pick up a few items. I might need some of these later in the year but mainly I have just been sucked in and every time I pop in I pick something up.

 Primark Harry Potter Merch

I’ve also got a couple of PJ tops and packs of socks which I haven’t included mainly because I forgot about them when I was planning this post. The tops are nice and soft and only cost about £4 each.
One of the first things I picked up was a time turner necklace, this is very cute and doesn’t look overly Harry Potter unless you know the books/films you could wear it anytime. I also picked up a pair of the classic glasses and festival bands.

 Primark Harry Potter Merch

I have a weakness for pin badges, but I often find they are quite expensive, I came across this pack of 6 badges for £3 in Primark in Manchester.

 Primark Harry Potter Merch
Bags for life are always useful and again £3 well spent. The only item I regret buying (other than the glasses, I wear glasses so what use am I going to get out of these!) is the wand. It’s my most recent purchase and for £1.50 I don’t feel like I need to return it, but I have no use for it and it’s quite heavy. I might start writing spells and use it for that. It seems quite apt.

 Primark Harry Potter Merch

I love my little stash of Harry Potter Merch and I expect I will pick more up on future visits to Primark. I can’t help myself, but I really should stop. As I’ve said some of these might come in handy later in this year but watch this space. 

 Primark Harry Potter Merch

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