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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Last month I posted about the Cath Kidston backpack I’d bought between Christmas and new year, but it wasn’t the only thing that I bought in that order and I was tempted by a further offer on free P&P if you spent £25 (It’s normally £35 to get free P&P).

In my initial order I picked up a kid’s handbag from the Cath Kidston x Disney range. This wasn’t in the sale and cost £16. It did help me bring my order up to the £35. What I like about this bag is the lack of Disney on the front.  This might seem a little odd as you’d think I might want it to be “DISNEY” to the max but I like the little nod to Mickey without the full on of every character going.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Child's Disney Handbag

The bag is small and doesn’t have an inner pocket which would have been nice but it’s not an essential. I would have also liked the strap to be a little bit longer but as it’s from the kids range I can understand why it’s not longer.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Child's Disney Handbag

I will probably use this inside another bag with my camera and other electronics such as battery charger and cables. I’m not sure and I’m justifying my purchase.

The other annoying thing about this is that it was reduced the day after I bought it. I was tempted to return it, but you have to pay for returns unless you go to the store and I didn’t think I’d be going to a store any time soon.

Have you noticed some brands send out lots of emails? I feel Cath Kidston is one of those brands but one of the ones they did send was an offer for free delivery if you spent £25. I had been looking at placing another order, but it wasn’t coming up to the £35 and I detest paying for delivery with big companies. I don’t mind if it’s a small independent company or an Etsy seller, but delivery costs are something I don’t like to pay if I can help it.

I picked up 2 sets of the nylon pouches, a Minnie and Mickey set and a Donald and Daisy set. This are very thin and light weight. They also come with a jump ring, so they can be clipped together or used separately.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Minnie & Mickey Nylon Pouch Set

The spotty background is perfect for my love of spots and dots and I think these will be useful for travel. I can use them to keep travel documents in, I might even use one as a makeup bag and the small ones will be good to use as a change purse or a pencil case as as I always carry pens with me. 

Cath Kidston x Disney - Daisy and Donald Nylon Pouch Set

Each set of pouches were £6, so the equivilant of £3 each. I'm justifying it as £2 for the small one and £4 for the big one and it doesn't seem to bad. I don't think I would have paid full price for them. 

My love of stationery is well known, so it will be no surprise that I also bought a pen and a pencil case. They are both from the same range but in opposite colours.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Disney Pen and Pencil Case

I love all the graphics and colours, but I do prefer the pale background as I feel you can see the characters better.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Disney Pen and Pencil Case

The pen is nice and chunky which is what I need as I struggle with thin barrel pens and I’ve been looking for a new pencil case for work as I’ve split my last one (as it had too many pens in it). It’s also quite a good size to use as an everyday makeup bag. 

Cath Kidston x Disney

Cath Kidston x Disney

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  1. Love what you've bought - I'm always so tempted whenever I walk past a Cath Kidston shop!! xx

    1. In some ways I'm lucky as I rarely pass the actual store but while I've been off I've been online shopping and can't resist all the sale bargains. If I was in store id have thought twice but inline it's so easy to spend!!


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