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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Me and my nails have a long and fraught history, but I have finally found a nail product that works for me and if you haven’t guessed by the title it is KIKO Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer.

It’s a budget-friendly option as they retail for £2.50 each but I have found them on offer a couple of times. Even at the full price, they are good value.

In the past, I’ve had acrylics and more recently I’ve been using the sensationail system from Boots but nothing ever last for long on my nails.

I’m not sure if my nails are too oily or acidic or A N Other but polish usually chips within a couple of hours or it fades really quickly.

 KIKO  Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Collection

The KIKO Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Collection lasts a few days on my nails. I have managed to keep it on for a week once with minimal chipping, but I do bite my nails a lot which limits the life of my polish.

I currently own 15 colours. There are 11 in this post, but I might have bought 4 more since I took these pictures. (I’d say whoops, but I do plan to buy more)

All the polishes are equally fast drying and in most colours, you can get away with one thick coat. These are the quickest drying polishes I’ve used, and I do tend to do my nails at 2am just as I’m about to go to sleep and I never wake up with them smudged or quilt indents. If you don’t know about these then you’re lucky.

What I have noticed is if you want to do a second coat it can be a little bit messy. You need to wait a little longer than touch dry and use a decent amount of polish for the next layer or it’s as if both layers are trying to merge / it’s trying to dry as you’re painting it on. It’s hard to describe but that second coat has been tricky on a few occasions.

I’m going to do a quick run through on what I think about each colour.

The Reds

 KIKO  Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Collection

38. Metallic Copper – From all the colours I own this is my least favourite. It is very thin and needs three coats to be totally opaque. As mentioned above more than one coat isn’t always easy.

10.Geranium Red – a beautiful bright red, it’s on the orange end of the reds but it’s perfect for toes and that’s what is on my toes right now.

? – My first ever entry into these colours and sadly the number has worn off, it’s a beautiful brick red and I think it was reduced to a Euro when I was in Spain last year. I bought it as I haven't taken any colour for my toes but felt too ill to actually paint them and didn’t use it until I got home. From that first use, I was hooked.

53. Light Rosy Chestnut – One of my current favourites. It’s a warm colour and I think it works well with my skin tone. I have been wearing this a lot recently. 

The Greens

 KIKO  Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Collection

83. Turquoise – A lovely bright colour that reminds me of holidays and has me wishing for a sunny holiday somewhere that is above 20 degrees Celsius right now.

33. Pine Green – Another lovely colour. It’s very similar to the Turquoise but has a slightly greener tone to it. I probably didn’t need this colour, but I really like.

87. Lawn Green – I have wanted this colour since I first spotted it on the website. I don’t know what it is about the colour, but it speaks to me. Unfortunately, the first time I wore it a Bus stopped outside my office (I have a window seat) and this is exactly the same colour as the bus. That has put me off a little bit but it’s not a bus company I use so at least no one will think I’m part of the fan club.

 Greys and Neutral’s 

 KIKO  Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Collection

96. Pearly Anthracite – Like the Metallic copper this is also quite a thin polish. I found this did fade slightly but I don’t think I applied it carefully enough so I’m not blaming the polish just now.

44. Dark Grey – I don’t think I would class this as dark grey, I would class it as more of a mid-grey but maybe I’m fussy. This colour lasted well on me and goes on well with one coat.

5. Taupe – Another long-lasting polish which is also fab with just one coat. I detest the word Taupe, it gives me the shivers and I wish there was a better word for this colour. It is a true Taupe, but I enjoy wearing this colour.

97. Iridescent Unicorn – I haven’t used this yet. When I used it on the sampler it was very thin and I think I’d only use it as a nail topper or sponge it on to be a thick coat but I’m not sure as yet. 

 KIKO  Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Collection

There is a large number of colours in the ranged the list goes form 01. Clear to 103. Rosy French. It looks like there was a couple of numbers missing from this list and I don't know why but I can see myself buying a good few more of these and as I've mentioned I have bought 4 more since.

At some point, I will try and update this post or do another on with the new colours I buy. I think I need to invest in some of the pinks in this collection.

 KIKO  Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Collection

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