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Thursday, February 22, 2018

To give Primark its due, it’s really come into its own recently with it’s branded/licenced products.
I’ve recently shared some of the Harry Potter things I’ve been picking up and now it’s time to share my Disney Haul. I do have a few other items and there is no doubt I’ll be picking up other things here and there, but I love sharing the things I buy with you and I’m pleased with my little purchases.

When it comes to Disney, I do have a few favourites but it’s often hard to narrow down. I don’t feel like I’ve watched that many Disney videos and when we first got Sky TV back in the early 90s I was a bit too told for the Disney Channel and was more of a Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network kinda girl.

I did watch the odd thing, but names escape me now. There was the one with the twins who lived in a hotel and got into all sorts of scrapes.

When I was in Primary school my gran when through a phase of buying Disney films on VHS from Tesco. I feel like she used to buy me one a month or maybe less frequently and she still has then in the video drawer in her TV stand and she still has a video recorder which works (just about)
The films I remember having are Aladdin, Snow White, Cinderella, and I have memories of getting the Song of the South from the video shop at the bottom of her street. That was our Friday night, 2 videos, a bag of salt and vinegar squares which was made into a crisp butty and a quarter of mini midget gems.

Sometimes in Primark, you have to pick something up the first time you spot it as they do sell out quickly with a couple of these items as I had managed to stop my self from buying them as I really didn’t need them but last weekend I decided to go for it. I’ll speak about that a bit more when I speak about each item

Stitch Sweatshirt

Primark Disney Haul - Stitch Sweatshirt
Stitch Sweatshirt
This is one of the items I almost missed. I saw this just after Christmas and I have queued up with it at least three times before putting it back. I’m not 100% sure if I’ve watched Lilo and Stitch. I feel like I know the character, but I don’t remember the story. I have since bought the DVD from Amazon but haven’t watched it yet. While I’ve been watching Disney Vlogs some of the best interactions have been with Stitch and I’ve really got a soft spot for him. Once I made my mind up to get the Sweatshirt (they also have a cute t-shirt) They didn’t have my size, I felt really sad about this. I have been checking every time I’ve been back and finally, I found one in my size. I limped to the till as fast as my dodgy leg would carry me. The top is fairly thin and very soft. I’m hoping that once I watch the film my love for him will grow.

Chip Coin Purse

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul Chip Coin Purse
Chip Coin Purse
An impulse purchase if ever there was one. I haven’t been sucking in by all the beauty and the beast range at Primark. I’ve liked and thought everything is cute and as much as I love both the animated and more recent live action versions of the film. I just haven’t been caught up in the merchandising side of things. 

When I went to White Rose in Leeds, this little purse was at the till and it was his glittery-ness that sold him to me and he had been reduced to £2.

Marie Makeup Bag

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul Marie Makeup Bag
Marie Makeup Bag

This is another one of those products I’ve been resisting. The first time I saw it, I knew I wanted it and it was only £6 but I have lots of makeup bags. If you watch my YouTube channel you will know I have been subscribed to Love Me Beauty subscription service and each month they send another makeup bag out.

When I went to my local store a couple of weeks ago, I walked round with this bag but decided I couldn’t justify it but after thinking about it and knowing it probably won’t be around for much longer knew I needed to buy it sooner rather than later.

Minnie Mouse T-shirt

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul Minnie Mouse T-Shirt
Minne Mouse T-shirt

My Disney focus has been more around princesses rather than Minnie and Mickey but I think the Minnie and Mickey T-shirts that are around at the moment are fantastic and who doesn’t love a striped top. I love Minnie peaking over the top of the bow and the fabric feels lovely.

Mickey Fairy Lights

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul Mickey Mouse Fairy Lights
Mickey Mouse Fairy Lights

I am a sucker for fairy lights and I thought these were adorable. I love that they are on the copper wire so can be bent into shape. I think they look good in Disney photos so expect to see them in more posts. They might also appear in none Disney flat lays.

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul

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