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Thursday, March 08, 2018

I’m a recently new to Netflix, I’ve had a free trial in the past, but I didn’t utilise it and stuck to watching old films that I’ve watched a million times.

This time around I have still watched old films. Just Go With It is one of my go-to films. It’s no Oscar winner by any stretch but there is something about that film that I love. I’ve got lost of “classics” in my List. Clueless, The Breakfast Club, and Legally Blonde 2. Please don’t judge my taste in films. I think I’m trying to relive my youth via my Netflix account.

I have also finally watched Gilmore Girls and why did I miss it the first time around? I haven’t watched the new 20 year later episodes yet. I almost don’t want to know what has happened. Also, if someone can find me my very own Luke Danes that would be much appreciated.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was a welcome relief and far funnier than I expected it to be. I really enjoyed it as a series despite it being far-fetched and silly.

There are a few series that I’ve tried to watch but I just can’t get into. Jack Whitehall, Travels with my Father had a promising start, but I don’t feel drawn to watching anymore. I’ve also been recommended Peaky Blinders, but I can’t get past the first 30 minutes. Stranger Things scared me, I’ve been told to persevere as it’s not scary, but I can’t bring myself to press play on it.

I am currently obsessed with Once Upon a Time. The reason I started to watch it was because I was looking at Disney Bounding Ideas on Pinterest. (I want to go to Disneyland Paris and Disney Bound) and OUAT ideas kept popping up. I’ve only been watching it for about 10 days and I’m halfway through season 3. I love all the smouldering looks. I’m loving Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin and I want to go round saying “Hello Dearie” to everyone.

Gossip Girl was a programme I don’t really remember watching but I did start to re-watch it and I seem to know everything that is happening and therefore I have given up on it. I feel like I must have watched the first couple of series then gave up on it? Maybe? Should I carry on watching it?
A couple of nights ago I decided to have a browse and came across 2 programmes that I like the look of but after a couple of episodes, I don’t know if I will carry on watching. They are Schitt’s Creek and Greenhouse Academy. If you’ve watched either of these are they worth my time?

I haven’t attempted some of the more famous Netflix series such as Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the new black There is no real reason for not watching them but I just haven’t got round to them as yet.

There are a few things that I feel are missing from Netflix, some classics which I might talk about in another post but I’d love to know what you are watching and what do you think is missing?

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  1. I really wished Legally Blonde (1) was on Netflix - I liked it better than 2 :) Once Upon a Time is great! They just resumed Season 7 but its the last though - no more after that :(


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