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Monday, March 05, 2018

A few weeks ago, we all went out to celebrate what would have been my Grandads 90th Birthday, we knew we didn’t want to go too far as it always snows on his birthday (he’s been dead over 37 years) but his mum always said it was his present. (She never actually bought him a real present).

We decided to go to Albion Farm which technically is in walking distance of home, but I really wouldn’t want to walk there but I might be persuaded to walk home (it’s all downhill). It doesn't feel very far away in a car but it is up a fairly steep hill I'm not sure how far up the hill I would get. It's not just the hill up but the driveway from the road to the building is quite steep. The views are worth the trip and they have an outside area which would be lovely to sit out in nice weather. 

I have been before for breakfast which I have to say is top notch, but this time we all went for a Sunday roast. My dad has a bit of a thing about everyone ordering the same thing. He thinks it makes for a better dining experience as the food will be cooked all at the same time. (apologies to any chef’s out there, years of training and experience seem to pass him by. None of the rest of us thinks like this) but to be fair I tend to order the same as others, so I don’t get food envy and luckily, we all like the same kinds of food. 4 roast dinners and 2 pots of tea for two came to around £44 give or take a few pence which I think is pretty good value.

Albion Farm has a café and a farm shop selling their own farm products in the shop, they had the orangest carrots I think I've ever seen. I don't think my photo does them justice. 

They also have a wide range of other local producers products. Including Slateries Chocolate, Stuart Thornley Cakes, and other local farm products such as milk, eggs and Buckley’s muffins.

It's not just food products they also have gifts, cards and home products and I spotted some reed diffusers that looked interesting. 

You can't book tables apart from for Afternoon tea so we had to wait a few minutes to be seated but it wasn't a long wait. They have plenty of tables and I feel like 4 or 5 times all went at once so it was constantly moving. 

I didn’t spend too long looking at the menu as I already knew I was going for the Roast Beef Dinner, so I can’t stay if they have vegan options, but I do know they have vegetarian options.

The roast dinner was amazing, I loved every part of it. From the parsnips to the beef and the Yorkshire pudding. We've even taken to copying the way the chopped the carrots and parsnips and its delicious. 

Just as we’d finished eating, my dad pointed out the sky changing across the valley and within about 5 minutes it was snowing hard and we made the decision to go without looking around the shop, but we did manage to grab a packet of bacon and some bread.

My parent were both impressed and went back last weekend for breakfast, they were so impressed they went to the butchers and bought some of the sausages they served in the café and we had them for tea on Monday and now I’m sad it’s been snowy and cold again as we really need to get some more. They said it was quite busy and was asked to share a table with another couple. Which wasn't a problem but just something to note. A lot of the tables fairly big and sit 6+ so I guess it's only fair to ask smaller groups to share. 

I was hoping to go again this weekend just gone but the snow is still quite bad around here and they’ve had to close for a few days as it’s not been safe for people to drive up to them or for them to get their themselves.

We've had way more snow than this over the past week, this is about my limit as far as the snow is concerned! 

Hopefully we will visit again soon, and my mum mentioned some baby goats that I’d like to see for myself and I want to be able to have the time to look at every product in the farm shop, even the items I wouldn’t ever consider buying and I’ve heard they have a good range of gin’s so that could be fun. 

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