BEAUTY | Little Shop of Lathers - An Etsy Haul

Saturday, March 31, 2018

I've been aware of A Little Shop of Lathers for a while now and came across them when I went to see a friends shop space in a collective enterprise in Leeds a few years ago. They have since changed and are now part of Our Handmade Collective in the Grand Arcade in Leeds. 

From the title, you might have guessed they also sell on Etsy and while I need a trip to Leeds I still haven't sorted out a date for this and decided to place and Esty order after spotted an Instagram post from them and thinking about looking on their Etsy shop to find I'd already filled my basket with a lot of their products. 

BEAUTY | Little Shop of Lathers - An Etsy Haul

I picked up five items and I've broken my no bath bomb rule (a self-imposed ban which has been amended to no Lush Bath Bombs!) This was an accident and I thought I had taken them out of my basket but clearly I hadn't. 

BEAUTY | Little Shop of Lathers - An Etsy Haul

The bath bombs are mini ones which are refresher sweet-scented and they all smell delicious. The packages says to use 8-10 per adult sized bath. So far I've been using around 4 per bath with a little drop of bubble bath and it has been plenty. I think there is around 18-20 of the mini's per bag but I didn't count them all. 

BEAUTY | Little Shop of Lathers - An Etsy Haul

I also picked up three of the little pulse point balms. I'd spotted comments by a friend on one of their Instagram posts about the clear head and keep calm balms and decided I needed both.

On sniff they are quite similar and I have been using both on and off throughout the day over the past 3 or 4 days and I do feel like I've been calmer and more clear-headed.

BEAUTY | Little Shop of Lathers - An Etsy Haul

My job in real life can be quite stressful and I feel like I have a lot of pressure on me. I think I put a lot of the pressure on myself but it's still there.

I really like the scent of them. They are citrus. Orange, lemon, lemongrass type scents and use them 2 - 3 times a day.

BEAUTY | Little Shop of Lathers - An Etsy Haul

The last balm pot I picked up is the sleep tight, as I've mentioned over and over again is that I struggle to sleep and I have been using the Sleepy balm from Lush but I'm not a huge fan of the scent and while it is relaxing it's a lot of money for what it is. 

I've only used this balm once and I do feel like I fell asleep quickly but I can't attest to it's powers after one use. It has the calming 

BEAUTY | Little Shop of Lathers - An Etsy Haul

My final buy and the one I was most intrigued by was the bath tea bag. This is just as it sounds. You add the bag while the bath is running and let it steep. It also says you can use the bag to exfoliate the skin which I think is a great idea.

I haven't tried this yet. I'm saving it to have a nice long relaxing bath.

Overall I'm really impressed with everything I've bought and while I haven't tried everything yet, I'm confident I will enjoy them and I'm planning that elusive trip to Leeds for June or September and get to visit the shop in person.

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