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Thursday, March 15, 2018

I know I’ve been sharing quite a few Disney related posts recently and they will be a feature going forward as well.

Marie is a favourite if mine and it’s so lovely to see so many Marie products in Primark and there is more to be released soon according to some of the Disney accounts I follow on Instagram.
So far, I have been quite restrained, but this might only be because my local Primark hasn’t got some of the things I know I want. A Marie bedding set is high up on my list and I’m torn about getting the Marie blanket as I already have a lot of blankets.

I’ve picked up the Marie Lunch bag, I’ve had a few of these little bags over the last couple of years and they are really handy to take my lunch to work. I have one permanently in the fridge at work which I keep condiments in and it’s quite handy as the cleaners don’t mess with it when they do the Friday muck out (Not so great when I was off for 7 weeks as I’d left a sliced lemon in a Tupperware tub in it but that’s a whole other story) I’ve also used these as makeup bags on holiday. I tend to put my make up and toiletries in carrier bags for travel to allow for leaks but when I’ve arrived these come in handy as they are roomy and are big enough to keep everything in one place without taking up too much room.

Another one of my Primark favourites is the little foldaway bags. These are great to keep in my bag, so I don’t have to buy a bag while I’m out and they take up no space at all. Sadly, I haven’t quite mastered folding them up as neatly as when you buy them.

My final item for this little haul is fluffy socks. Since my back has been bad my feet have been freezing and I’m constantly drawn to buying fluffy bed socks when I saw they Marie cosy socks I had to get them. They are comfy, warm and most importantly they don’t cut my circulation off as I sleep!

I’m excited to see what other Disney items they get in and more importantly I want to see more Marie items. 

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