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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Recently I have been watching a lot of Disney vlogs in anticipation of booking my very first trip to Disneyland Paris. I don’t know if I will make it this year. I was hoping for a Solo trip in March but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough and I have spoken to a friend about going at the end of the year to experience Disneyland at Christmas time, but we haven’t booked anything yet.

Mickey Mouse Earrings - Primark

One of the things I’ve been loving is the Disney jewellery a lot of them wear. What I like about it is how subtle some of it is and that unless you look closely you might not even realise it was Disney.
A lot of the products seems to be exclusive to WDW in Florida and I don’t have the budget to even go to Florida let alone the budget to buy all the things and I have been looking at budget-friendly alternatives.

There seems to be a lot of love for Pandora charms but while they are cute they are not for me, maybe in the future but I feel like my charm bracelet days are over. I have had a Pandora alternative in the past but when I worked out how much the bracelet and all the charms came to it made me scared to wear it and mine was a fraction of the price of an official Pandora. I digress as always.

Mickey Mouse Earrings - Primark

Pinterest, Google, Etsy have all been places I’ve scoured as well as following a lot of Disney accounts on Instagram. Etsy and a few online jewellers have some amazing items and for good prices but as I’m in the infancy of my Disney obsession I didn’t feel like I wanted to pay even £6 plus P&P for one pair of Mickey Mouse earrings, let alone £60 for a lovely pair of silver earrings I keep seeing.

Mickey Mouse Earrings - Primark

I have been getting quite a few Disney items from Primark in recent weeks and in the Manchester store I found a rack of Disney jewellery.

This three pack of earrings is almost identical to some of the individual pairs I’ve been looking at online. I specifically wanted A pair that was the outline, but I’m more than happy to have the other two pairs.

Mickey Mouse Earrings - Primark

I’m terrible for only wearing earrings for a couple of hours before they start to irritate, and it doesn’t matter if they are expensive or Primark’s finest. Spending £2 on three pairs of earrings suits me. 

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