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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Last year, I was introduced to Pilot Frixion pens from a friend at Slimming World, we both love stationery and she was raving about them. I didn’t really take in what she was saying until she showed me how well they erase. I bought a pack of blue and then a second pack of black 0.7mm pens from Sainsburys and I loved them. 

They are fabulous to use in planners as you can easily erase things and they are nice to write with.
When I was in Lanzarote last year, I visited my favourite book shop. All the books are in Spanish, but they have some amazing stationery and I like to go and visit even if I don’t buy (I always buy things) I spotted they had a display of the pens and I picked up a green, red, and light blue. It was only when I got back to the hotel did I notice they are 0.5mm nibs. That 0.2mm makes a difference, they are so much nicer to use in my planner.

The 0.7mm are great if you are writing a lot, they are smooth and when you don’t need to be too precise they are great, and I would like to get more in other colours, but for writing small neat notes in a planner the 0.5mm are excellent.

I often find myself looking on Amazon for more and I have noticed they have a wide range of these types of pens in highlighters and felt tips. They are expensive, but I do feel like they are worth it. I have a lot of pens and I know I can’t justify buying them now.

When I was in W H Smiths a few weeks ago I spotted a pack of highlighters with £9 off bringing a pack of 8 highlighters to £4.99. I know you can get packs for £1 or so or like me I have a pack from the works stationery cupboard in my locker at work (I need them for training sessions!).

What sold this pack to me more than them being Frixion was the pastel colours. I’m planning to use them in my planner, but I’ve not been using it as much since I’ve gone back to work but I know I need to start planning my April content soon and I’m hoping these will give me the boost to start using it more. 

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