BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

Monday, April 30, 2018

I've been a huge Essence fan, even before it was in the UK I'd always ask my mum to pick me up a few items from her holidays and whenever I went away I'd always come back with at least one item. 

My main Essence vice was always their nail polish but since essence is readily available in the UK I don't seem to buy that much from them anymore.

Realistically I have far too much makeup which I rarely wear but I also can't resist a bargain and these palettes were too cute to resist. 

Each palette costs £4 each and the two I bought has 10 colours in, there are two others which I didn't pick up.

Essence Mermaid Eyeshadow Box 03 which is blues and pinks. They are not really colours I would wear. The last palette is the  Essence To The Moon And Back Eyehshadow Box 04 which is dark colours and purples.

Essence Million Nude Faces Eyeshadow Box 01 £4.00

BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

The packaging is very cute and would make a cute gift for a teen/tween but also those of us who are young at heart. I adore the little cat on the top row.

BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

Essence In Love With Rose Eyeshow Box 02 £4.00

When I picked this one up, I'd forgotten I'd bought the Tanya Burr rose gold palette a couple of weeks before but at £4 I can justify buying this. It has more colours than the Tanya Burr Palette and I think I will also take this on holiday as for the price I won't matter if it gets damaged while travelling.

BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

There is a nice mix of golds and greys as well as the pink shades. I've always been a little afraid of pink eyeshadow. I've said ina video before that someone once said it looked like I had myxomatosis when I'd worn pink shadow before.  I'm hoping since then my makeup skills have advanced and I won't meet the same fate.

BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

Have you ever tried any of the essence makeup? What are your favourites? 


BOOK TUBE | March Wrap Up - Recent Read and Mini Book Reviews

Thursday, April 26, 2018

This year has been a slow start when it comes to reading for me. I don't feel like I have any motivation to read apart from the books in my book club (Bookish Mama's). I was off work ill for the first few weeks of the year and couldn't get comfy and since I've been back in I seem to fall asleep whenever I pick up a book. My main place to read is on the tram to and from work. But the motion of the tram rocks me to sleep (apologies fellow passengers) 

BOOK TUBE | March Wrap Up - Recent Read and Mini Book Reiviews

As part of the book club, I've read The Power by Naiomi Alderman and The Secrets of Nightingale Wood. I've done full reviews on both of these, by answering the book club questions in a blog post.

I still haven't made my mind up on The Power, it's one that needs to be read again but I'm not sure when that will be. It's about women who gain The Power and it has similar themes to The Handmaids Tale and Hunger Games. I'm glad I read it but I still don't know how I feel about it.

The Secret of Nightingale Wood I hated. It is a kids book which might explain it but it was too contrived and I didn't feel any empathy towards any of the characters. There are far better books out there.

Michael Connoly is always a fall back read for me, it's a nice easy read and I find them quick to read. This book followed the classic Connoly formula but was a Micky Haller rather than a Bosch novel. The only downside for me is there drinking and driving mentioned and this isn't an old book so there is no need for it. 

It does have a few twists and turns and while it was predictable the journey to get there was enjoyable. 

BOOK TUBE | March Wrap Up - Recent Read and Mini Book Reiviews

Finally, I've saved the best for last. Lost for Words by Stephanie Butland. I adored this book, it is classic chick lit but it's beautifully written. I loved the way it was set out, it covers three time period and each chapter cuts between the three building the story and revealing more about the main character. For once names, people didn't annoy me and I want more.

It would also make a pretty decent ITV TV adaptation, a nice bit of Sunday night TV.


BEAUTY | Essence Mosaic Blush from Wilko's

Monday, April 23, 2018

Recently I've been trying to shake up my makeup routine and I seem to be wearing it less and less, but I still can't resist the lure of new products and pretty packaging. With all that in mind I don't want to spend a lot on new products I buy. 

I only own a few blushes, probably more than the average person but less than many bloggers who talk about beauty. 

Essence Mosaic Blush Natural Beauty 35

On the Wilko's website, it shows three colour options for this product. Their website doesn't really do these products justice and I think if I hadn't spotted them in a store I wouldn't have looked twice.

I love the different shades in this blush and there are some small shimmer particles in the blush which give off a nice but subtle highlight effect.

I've always struggled to choose a shade of blush, but with this it gives a nice natural effect without being too over the top.

Essence Mosaic Blush All You Need Is Pink 20

I struggled to pick between these two shade and decided for the price £3 I decided to pick up both.

This colourway is very similar to others I have and is one I'm always drawn to. The main difference between this and my other blushes is this blush has multiple colours and like the natural blush it also has a slight shimmer to it.

I'm really pleased I picked them up and feel like I will use them. I always save things for best (yes even £3 blushers) and I'm hoping to get out of this habit and use products and enjoy them. 

The 3rd colour is called Essence Mosaic Blush The Berry Connection 40. I haven't looked at this in person but going by the Wilkos website vs how nice the ones I've bought I think it will be lovely and not as intense as it looks online.


BEAUTY | Tanya Burr Bargains at Superdrug

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I've been a fan of the small Tanya Burr quads since they were released and I have three of them. I love the range of colours and I've hit pan on one of the shades. I also don't think they are bad prices. 

When I was in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago and spotted the My Paradice Palette had been reduced to £2.99 I decided it was too good to leave behind. 

BEAUTY | Tanya Burr Bargains at Superdrug

One noticeable difference with this palette and it might not be a huge thing for some people but when you open the palette the mirror is the right way up. It's been a massive bugbear with the other palettes and it's such a small thing.

BEAUTY | Tanya Burr Bargains at Superdrug

The colours are based on a rose gold theme which I'm really into at the moment. I also really love the pineapple print on each of the shadows. All of the palettes from this range have cute prints and it's almost a shame to use them.

BEAUTY | Tanya Burr Bargains at Superdrug

I'm going to use this for the first time this weekend, I will try and update this with a picture. 


FASHION | Statement Earrings - Colette by Colette Hayman

Monday, April 16, 2018

I know when I have a holiday coming up the blog turns to everything holiday related and this post is no different. At the end of April, I'm going to Mexico for a fortnight and if I'm being honest I'm getting a little worried about what to take. 

Toiletries and makeup wise I'm fine and I've made a few youtube video's about what to take. My main worry is what to wear. I rarely go out these days and it's almost always cold when I do go out so my standard is the old classic of jeans and a nice top. Mexico should be hot. I've been avoiding checking the weather as I'm the one who has booked it I'm scared it will rain every day and we'll be warm and soggy all fortnight (I'm in freefall, full on disaster scenario for everything - It's my go-to defence mechanism. Prepare for the worse and everything turns out to be positive) 

Apart from my weather worries my other worry is that I don't actually know what to wear on a holiday for a night out. Most of my recent holidays have been with my mum and it's very casual. I've started to think about outfits and I'm going down the plain and simple, lots of blacks (Not a holiday colour but I have my reasons) I have a few bright tops and skirts but I think I'm going to try and dress things up with accessories. 

Although I own a lot of accessories I couldn't resist picking these two pairs of earrings from Colette. 75% off is always an attractive sticker and for £4 for both pairs, I couldn't leave them behind. 

 It's not brand I'm very familiar with and I've only been in the shop once before. It feels very much like a shop you'd find on holiday. They sell a lot of bags and some accessories and there always seems to be offers on.

I've tried a few large earrings before and I always feel like it's not really me. I have quite a few pairs of tassel earrings but I have always aired on the small is better but it was time to buy some a little larger pieces.

I love the colour and the design of this round pair, and the rocky gem effect (I really don't know how to describe them)

Originally I was only going to buy this pink tassel pair. I felt like they are an in between the huge statement earrings I want to wear and the smaller pairs I already own. I think the pink and gold work well together and that they are kind of neutral that I will be able to wear them with a lot of outfits.

I'm in two minds about buying more from them but I think I need to wear some of my existing earrings.


DISNEY | Primark Beauty and the Beast Accessories

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I haven't posted a Disney post for a little while but that doesn't mean I've stopped buying or loving the Disney items that are in Primark at the moment. 

I picked all of these up a few weeks ago but the pictures have been sat in my drafts waiting for me to have a bit of time to talk about them. 

I picked all of these up from Primark in Manchester city centre. I went in to have a look what Disney Items they had and I trecked round and the store looking for these pin badges, I even looked at the kid's section. (Why don't they make most of the kids clothes in my size!) When I eventually found them, there were on the first accessories rack I'd started with. I'm not sure how I missed them. 

I love the style of these badges and think they will be cute on my denim jacket or backpack. The only thing I'm not fond of is that Belle has hearts for eyes. but it's not the end of the world.

I've been looking for a new keyring for a while and this one is a rubbery silicone material. It was also reduced to £1 which I will admit helped its appeal.

My final Beauty and the Beast purchase was a set of pin badges, another reduced item and these will be added to my backpack. 

I'm really impressed with the wide range of Disney items they have in Primark at the moment and I'm struggling to resist buying everything. It doesn't help that I follow a lot of Disney accounts on Instagram. 

I have my eye on a lot of the Marie products and there is a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt that has a tie at the bottom, I'm  not sure if it's a crop top or not and I'm hoping it isn't but I do think I'd only wear it with a skirt but I don't own any that it'd go with. (an excuse to go shopping) 

LIFESTYLE | To Be Read Pile - Amazon Haul & Books To Read Next

Monday, April 09, 2018

I have a vast amount of books I want to read, I'm not someone with shelves and shelves of books and I tend to pass books on with the exception of a few which have sentimental value or ones I like to re-read. 

Since joining Bookish Mama's book club I have been buying books to read but recently one of the books was over £6 but it had a 3 for £10 offer on Amazon and it seemed silly not to take advantage. 

LIFESTYLE | To Be Read Pile - Amazon Haul & Books To Read Next

Our March book was How to Stop Time by Matt Haig - I'm not sure how to describe it other than a wander through time, the main character has a condition which means he ages slowly, very slowly and as a result, has lived for many centuries. 

I did vote for this as it sounds like it could be a lot of fun and a little bit more light-hearted then our previous two books.

Aprils Book is Finger in the Sparkle Jar - A Memoir by Chris Pakham. I don't read a lot of this genre and I know I will read it with his voice in my head which I think will irritate me. However in the spirit of the book club and getting out of my comfort zone I will give it a chance.

LIFESTYLE | To Be Read Pile - Amazon Haul & Books To Read Next

My other two Amazon buys include The Light Between Oceans by M. L Stedman and The Fault in Our Stars - John Green.

The Light Between Oceans is also a movie and when I saw the trailer I didn't fancy it but it kept popping up as a recommendation on Amazon books and I decided to go for it.

The most appealing thing for me about The Light Between Oceans is it's set in Australia in the 1920s. I have a soft spot for books set in Australia and while I haven't read many I've always enjoyed them. I think because there is a lot of similarities to the UK, more so than America but it's still a different way of life.

LIFESTYLE | To Be Read Pile - Amazon Haul & Books To Read Next

I might be only of the only people to have never read a John Green book. I have no real reason for not buying them before but I'm looking forward to reading this. I'm sure it will be very sad but I'm hoping there will be some funny moments as well.