BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

Monday, April 30, 2018

I've been a huge Essence fan, even before it was in the UK I'd always ask my mum to pick me up a few items from her holidays and whenever I went away I'd always come back with at least one item. 

My main Essence vice was always their nail polish but since essence is readily available in the UK I don't seem to buy that much from them anymore.

Realistically I have far too much makeup which I rarely wear but I also can't resist a bargain and these palettes were too cute to resist. 

Each palette costs £4 each and the two I bought has 10 colours in, there are two others which I didn't pick up.

Essence Mermaid Eyeshadow Box 03 which is blues and pinks. They are not really colours I would wear. The last palette is the  Essence To The Moon And Back Eyehshadow Box 04 which is dark colours and purples.

Essence Million Nude Faces Eyeshadow Box 01 £4.00

BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

The packaging is very cute and would make a cute gift for a teen/tween but also those of us who are young at heart. I adore the little cat on the top row.

BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

Essence In Love With Rose Eyeshow Box 02 £4.00

When I picked this one up, I'd forgotten I'd bought the Tanya Burr rose gold palette a couple of weeks before but at £4 I can justify buying this. It has more colours than the Tanya Burr Palette and I think I will also take this on holiday as for the price I won't matter if it gets damaged while travelling.

BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

There is a nice mix of golds and greys as well as the pink shades. I've always been a little afraid of pink eyeshadow. I've said ina video before that someone once said it looked like I had myxomatosis when I'd worn pink shadow before.  I'm hoping since then my makeup skills have advanced and I won't meet the same fate.

BEAUTY | Essence at Wilkos - Eyeshadow Boxes

Have you ever tried any of the essence makeup? What are your favourites? 

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