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Monday, April 16, 2018

I know when I have a holiday coming up the blog turns to everything holiday related and this post is no different. At the end of April, I'm going to Mexico for a fortnight and if I'm being honest I'm getting a little worried about what to take. 

Toiletries and makeup wise I'm fine and I've made a few youtube video's about what to take. My main worry is what to wear. I rarely go out these days and it's almost always cold when I do go out so my standard is the old classic of jeans and a nice top. Mexico should be hot. I've been avoiding checking the weather as I'm the one who has booked it I'm scared it will rain every day and we'll be warm and soggy all fortnight (I'm in freefall, full on disaster scenario for everything - It's my go-to defence mechanism. Prepare for the worse and everything turns out to be positive) 

Apart from my weather worries my other worry is that I don't actually know what to wear on a holiday for a night out. Most of my recent holidays have been with my mum and it's very casual. I've started to think about outfits and I'm going down the plain and simple, lots of blacks (Not a holiday colour but I have my reasons) I have a few bright tops and skirts but I think I'm going to try and dress things up with accessories. 

Although I own a lot of accessories I couldn't resist picking these two pairs of earrings from Colette. 75% off is always an attractive sticker and for £4 for both pairs, I couldn't leave them behind. 

 It's not brand I'm very familiar with and I've only been in the shop once before. It feels very much like a shop you'd find on holiday. They sell a lot of bags and some accessories and there always seems to be offers on.

I've tried a few large earrings before and I always feel like it's not really me. I have quite a few pairs of tassel earrings but I have always aired on the small is better but it was time to buy some a little larger pieces.

I love the colour and the design of this round pair, and the rocky gem effect (I really don't know how to describe them)

Originally I was only going to buy this pink tassel pair. I felt like they are an in between the huge statement earrings I want to wear and the smaller pairs I already own. I think the pink and gold work well together and that they are kind of neutral that I will be able to wear them with a lot of outfits.

I'm in two minds about buying more from them but I think I need to wear some of my existing earrings.

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