BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018 - I've Re-subscribed

Monday, May 07, 2018

It's been a while since I've had a subscription beauty box and while I know I don't need any more products I have missed having a monthly box arrive through the post each month.

I decided to go with Birtchbox. The reason for this was I like the idea if of the drawer box. I'm not sure what I will actually use it for anything but the idea is great. 

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

The first thing I noticed is the since difference. I haven't had a Birtchbox since about 2015 and I do still have one of the boxes and this new one is about half the size. I don't really have a problem with this but it did feel a little disappointing at first.

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

My box looks quite jam-packed but I think because it's my first box I've got an extra welcome gift which makes it look a lot more inviting. 

Afterspa Face Cloth

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

This is one of those magic cloths for removing makeup without products. I never used one of these before but I have seen them in blogs and vlogs and this one is tiny. It looks a little like a panty liner.

It's very soft and it does say it has to be machined wash before use. Mine is currently in the washing basket so I can't say if it works or not but I can say it's very soft and I hope it works as I'm planning on taking it on holiday. I will also take some face wash but it will good to have at the end of the day.

Cath Kidston Hand Cream

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

This smells amazing, it's a lovely thick and rich cream and will be a nice addition to my hand cream collection (I own so many hand creams)

Cargo Blush

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

This was one of my bonus items for signing up to Birchbox. I love the colours. It makes me excited for summer.

Models Co Highlighter 

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

Each month you get to pick from a couple of products. This month we could pick between two shades of Models co Highlighter. I went for Frosé and it's such a beautiful colour. When I swatched this it came off very pink. The booklet does say it's very delicate and my packaging is slightly damaged on the hinge but I think they were more meaning the powder itself.

Fill & Tame

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

I haven't had a brow product for quite a while and I think I've only used the Maybeline version with any success.

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

I like how small the brush is and I hope this will be a good colour for me. The shade on the tube is Brunette so I have high hopes.

Percy and Reed Wonder Balm

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

I love the promises this product makes. You put it in towel dried hair and it's meant to help protect it. It sounds like it will be ideal for holidays and I'm hoping there is enough in this to cover a full two weeks away.

Spectrum Brush

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

Again this was part of the initial box offer. I've heard a lot about spectrum brushes but I don't own any.

The bristles are very soft and I'm excited to start using this brush.

BEAUTY | Birchbox April 2018

Overall I'm really happy with this box. I feel like I've made a good choice subscribing to this box.

I paid just under £80 for a 6 months subscription including P&P which isn't bad, I like that you know one of the products beforehand and get a choice of shades. What I forgot to mention is as well as the shade option you can select "Suprise Me".

Next month there is a choice between two matt liquid lipsticks. A pink and a red. from the images I've looked at I can't say I loved either so I went with suprise me. I think I would get more wear from the pink but at the same time I probably won't wear either very often.

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