LIFESTYLE | Lilly England Rose Gold Headphones

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Welcome to the tale of how I became the proud owner of a pair of Lily England Headphones. Spoiler Alert, Amazon was involved! 

By the time this blog post goes live, I should be in Mexico. I know I've mentioned this one time too many but it's my life and my blog so Hello Mexico! 

In my prep, I realised my headphones are broken and I struggle with in-ear earphones. They are ok for a couple of hours but I couldn't wear them for a ten-hour flight. 

LIFESTYLE | Lilly England Rose Gold Headphones

I was chatting with my friend who I'm going away with and she was looking for headphones as well. She's spotted these Lily England headphones on Amazon and we both liked the look of them. There was also an offer for 5% off if you bought two pairs.

We'll more than likely only be wearing them on the plane and we're not sitting together on the outbound flight (we're sitting one in front of the other). 

LIFESTYLE | Lilly England Rose Gold Headphones

I have to say I'm a sucker for nice packaging and these have excellent packaging and you could easily reuse the box for some extra storage.

The think wire headband looks good and for the short time, I've worn them felt very comfortable.  The headphone part is quite small but fully cover my ears and seems to be quite good at cancelling out noise when I didn't have music playing.

LIFESTYLE | Lilly England Rose Gold Headphones

My initial thoughts on the cable were that it seemed a little flimsy but after using the headphones it seems fine and more robust than my first thoughts. It's also a decent length which means It was easy to keep my iPod in my jeans pocket (yes I still use an iPod).

LIFESTYLE | Lilly England Rose Gold Headphones

The volume control is done by sliding the switch in the below picture. I'd prefer buttons but you can't have it all. There is also a pause button and what looks like a microphone but I haven't tested these as I've only spotted that from looking at these pictures.

LIFESTYLE | Lilly England Rose Gold Headphones

I'm looking forward to using these on the flight and I will try and update this post with my thoughts once I've used them for a longer period of time.

The biggest downside was the price which was £25 plus P&P but they do look good, they are comfortable and I'm very happy with them so far.

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