BEAUTY | Bubble Off - Bath Goodies, Inc. Unicorn Poop, Wah Wah and a Cheeky Little Bath Bomb

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I might be on a bath bomb ban but I keep finding myself little loopholes, such as if it's from an Etsy seller. If it's not actually labelled "BATH BOMB" if there is a Y in the day. I came across Bubble Off a couple of weeks ago when a friend re-tweeted a crowdfunding tweet. 

I had a look at their website and they are a small family business from Manchester who makes Vegan bath and body products. 

Bubble Off

The crowdfunding is to help them raise the money to make products and to afford the pitch at Chatsworth House Christmas Markets, I haven't pledged yet but I am planning on a small donation on payday.

I fell in love with the brand, despite not having any twitter interaction, I had a read through some of their tweets, stalked their social media links and placed an order on their website.

The order arrived very quickly, I was surprised (In a good way and very happy) Everything was well packed and I'm very happy with what I picked out.

Wah Wah

£2 - Each Melt Down (Tonka Bean & Lime) & Boutiful Beauty (coconut)

Bubble Off  Wah Wah

Totally not bath bomb. A deep conditioning bath treatment which will fizz when put in a bath of running water. 

I initially expected these to be bigger but for £2 each I think the price point Vs size is about right. 

They smell incredible and like with all these products I can't wait for this heat wave to die down a bit so I can justify a bath. 

P.S I have no idea what a Tonka Bean is or what it should smell like but I like it 

Fizz Bomb

£2.50 - Charlotte

Bubble Off Bath Bomb

Is there any way I can convince you this isn't a bath bomb? No, I didn't think so. I couldn't resist. I love a good bath bomb and I think technically it's only the second one I've bought myself this year. I did get some for my birthday but they don't count. Also, the first one was an accidental buy as I thought I'd removed it from my Etsy basket. I picked Charlotte purely on the colour, I also like that it only has a small amount of glitter.

Unicorn Poop

£3.50 each - Waldo (Banana and Strawberries) & Luna (Floral and Citrus Zing)

Bubble Off Unicorn Poop

These came recommended by my friend Kelly, I love the look of them and the scent combinations really appealed to me. 

Bubble Off  Unicorn Poop

I couldn't decide between the two so I bought both of them. You have to wave them under running water and they produce bubbles, which is always a favourite of mine. 

Bubble Off  Unicorn Poop

In total including postage, I paid £16.70 which I think represents good value. It works out as an average of £3.34 per item. This is cheaper than I'd pay in store for some of the more well-known bath bomb companies and I feel like I will get more than one use from each of them. The bath bomb is fairly big and I could probably break it in half ( I won't - I'm too lazy for that!)

I'm excited for bath season (when the weather is under about 19 degrees!) I have also made a YouTube video if me unboxing these items. If you'd like to see my initial impressions. 

Life Style

LIFESTYLE | Chester by Coach - Birthday Coach Trip

Thursday, July 26, 2018

This is a very belated post and the photos have been sat in my dafts until now, I had a lovely day out on my Coach Trip to Chester which was back in May, but I've been out of the blogging loop and I’ve finally decided to sit down and write.

Our local paper had been running coach trips for years and last year it went out of business taking the coach trips along with it. I had used them before as had my gran and I’m sure lots of local people. Earlier this year the coach trips along with an online version of the paper re-appeared and they have some good trips.

I’ve been on two and my mum and gran have been on a couple more and have either one or two booked for the coming weeks.

What I like about the trips we’ve been on are they are not organised tours and you get free time to do as you please.

This trip was to celebrate mine and my mum’s birthdays which are in May. The coach left my local town centre at around 9am and we got dropped off at a shopping centre in the centre of Chester and left to our own devices. We had until 2.30pm and it was all clear about where to meet up and we got pointed in the direction of the shops.

The early pickup time was because we then got some time at Cheshire Oaks. Personally, I would have preferred more time in Chester, as much as I love shopping. I’m not huge Cheshire Oaks fan. I felt like I didn’t get to explore Chester properly which is no reflection on the Coach Trip but more on I didn’t know where anything was, it was a lovely day and ultimately no matter what she said my grans shoes were hurting her.

First stop was Costa for a drink and to decide where we wanted to look first. We then looked in a few shops and walked round looking at the buildings.

As it was a nice day we grabbed some food from The Pound Bakery and headed down to the Roman gardens and sat out enjoying the sunshine.

We also wandered down to the river and soaked in some of the atmosphere. There were lots of school trips, children in the gardens being taught some of the Roman history of the city. One of the “Centurion” teachers was counting 1,2,3 and I said surely it should be i,ii,iii… Nope, a bit of Roman Numeral humour that only I find funny.

I’d love to go back and spend a bit more time looking round the city centre and trying some of the independent cafes and shops.


LIFESTYLE | Book Review - 31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I've read a few Lisa Jewell books over the past few years and I've always enjoyed them, when I spotted this one on the charity table at work I decided to pick it up and give it a try. 

It was a lovely quick read and would have been perfect to read on a sun lounger by a pool rather than on the Manchester Metrolink but I still enjoyed it. 

When I was reading it, it felt quite modern but there was the odd reference that made me shake my head, at first it I thought it was them making up there own word by using actual things that existed in the past. I need to clarify this; There was the mention of paying by switch card. It was only after a couple of things in this vein that I checked the publishing date and realised it was first published in 2008. 

The book is centred round Leah who works in a posh gift shop in London and the house opposite owned by Toby and failed poet who got the house complete with a sitting tenant as a wedding present from his Father, who was about to leave London to start a new life with his latest wife in South Africa. 

Lisa Jewell - 31 Dream Street

After Toby's marriage fails he opens the house to the waifs and strays of the world by way of personal ads and favours for people who knows him. 

The story starts when Leah, who has been curious about the house opposite and its eclectic mix of residents, finally gets to meet one when the elderly sitting tenant falls outside and she rushes to help, this leads her to meet Toby and a sort of friendship forms. 

He is socially awkward and needs a friend, she gets dumped by her boyfriend who has finally agreed to an arranged marriage by his parents and she needs a friend. 

Lots of little storylines follow each of the tenants and a downside for me is the sheer number of people, it did get a little confusing. 

Lisa Jewell - 31 Dream Street Toby has been left a sum of money and finds out his father is coming home to see what has become of the house. He makes a decision to sell the house but doesn't have the guts to evict the tenants, between him and Leah who hatches a plan to find out more about the people Toby has lived with for so long but knows so little about, all while the house has a top to toe makeover and gradually peoples stories are revealed. 

It's a fun read and moves at quite a quick pace, it is predictable in places but not in a "I need to throw the book across the room" kind of way. 


BEAUTY | Birch Box #4 - July 2018

Friday, July 20, 2018

When I re-subscribed to Birch Box I intended on blogging them each month but my blog mojo just hasn't been there. I have been making videos about them so if you want to know what my thoughts about the other boxes head over to my unboxing playlist on my YouTube channel. 

Birch Box - July 2018

 The first thing I noticed was this was the traditional cardboard beauty box, the first two boxes where the same size but had a drawer rather than a lid, my third box was a tin box. Which was done for the 5th anniversary. I expected them to go back to the drawer system and I am a little disappointed. I was starting to use the drawer boxes to keep things in. Once I have things in boxes with lids they never get opened again so I doubt I will use this box. I do like the pink foil logo on the lid but as a firdt impression I was disappointed.

Birch Box - July 2018

Each box contains 5 items which will be a mix of beauty and makeup and hopefully should fit in with your beauty profile. I don't really feel like mine does and it does seem very generic but as i'm assuming they have a pretty big customer base this would be hard to do.

Mannkadar  3 in one

Each month we get a sneak preview of on of the items which will be in the next box and the option to pick between two shades or the option for them to surprise me (subject to availability etc. etc.)

As much as I don't like surprises I'm not keen on this part of the service, just put stuff in the box. Don't make me do extra thinking mid month and TBH everything I've had as this product I've not liked.

This particular product is billed as eyes, face and lips (?) there was a choice between this shade and a deep red colour. None really spoke to me and I have already got rid of this product. It has an RRP of £12 but the packaging feels very cheap and flimsy to me and it  had a strange texture which didn't swatch very well in my opinion. Its rare I reach for singles like this and decided I wouldn't use it.
Birch Box - July 2018

Balance Me - Congested Skin Serum 

I'm familiar with Balance Me from other beauty boxes and from what I can remember it's always been good and I can't think of any issues. As soon as I opened this my eyes started stinging even though I only put it on my arm. It went straight in the bin, there must me something in it that doesn't agree with me.

Birch Box - July 2018

Luseta - Keratin Conditioner

This smells amazing but why only a conditioner? I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter but I do like to use matching products. I guess this will come in handy if I run out of conditioner (errr i'm not that sort of person) or for a weekend away with a ransom shampoo (ekkk)

Birch Box - July 2018

Beauty Pro - Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask

At last a product I will use. I've recently got into these kinds of products and I'm looking forward to using these. I find them nice and relaxing and I loved using them on the plane going on holiday. 

Birch Box - July 2018

What's In It For Me..? - Shower Scrub

Another product I will use, this only seems like a fine grit but it is a natural scrub which is a bonus. I also think this is a good size. I like to take a scrub  on holiday with me to make sure all the sun cream has come off and this will last the full holiday (hopefully)

Birch Box - July 2018

Over all, this box has helped me make my mind up and I won't be renewing my subscription at the end of my 6 months. I do have 2 more boxes to come but over all I'm not wowwed by this subscription.

I wouldn't want to put people off trying it and I do think it's a good idea to buy as a gift for someone but for me this past 4 boxes haven't been for me.


Disney | Disney Planning, Facebook Groups and #CLROhana Pin Badge

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Despite still not having a Disney holiday booked one is still on the cards before the year is over. I just wish I could grab my passport and jump on a plane and go tomorrow. Sadly I have to go to work tomorrow and hopefully we will get a trip booked for the Christmas season once my friend gets her next set of holidays at work (Roll on October) 

To get myself in the mood I've been watching a lot of Disney vlogs and I've joined a number of facebook groups. I've learned a lot from these groups:

Take a push chair for your kids even if they haven't used one in years

Take your own water bottles and fill them up in the water fountains. France doesn't allow free refills of drinks like other countries do.

Disney can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it.

Questions tend to get repetitive

Use the search bar at the top of the page to get your answers

Trip reports make me cry

Ask questions, be polite and there is a real sense of community, the groups I like the most are Plus Size at DLP which is very friendly and supportive and made me far more confident about trying rides when we go. 

The other group I like being a part of is #clrohana - Disney parks advice & tips. This is for all Disney parks and was started by Charlotte who is a Disney Vlogger (as well as other videos) I really like her content and while I don't think I've ever posted in this group. I haven't felt the need just yet as I'm not quite at the booking stage just yet. I like the energy, I like that it's for all Disney and when the idea of group pins came up I was in like a shot. I missed out on the first wave but when more where released I set an alarm on my phone and managed to get one. 

There are also a couple of DLP for Brits groups, one is for planning and one is for deals, I think. There is a lot of cross posting and I haven't worked out which one to stay in yet so I'm staying in both. 

When I do get round to booking I think I want to stay in one of the Disney Hotels, I've been costing it out and if you get the half board deal it will potentially work out a similar price to booking a partner hotel and buying food.

The price for a solo trip is almost the same price as two people going and I have looked at two solo trips but each time I think I'm leaving it too late. I'm torn with the need for a reconnaissance mission to get the lay of the land and having that magic moment with a friend. 

Despite not having kids, I think the magic will be amazing and I'm so excited to get myself to France. I'm excited for all the winter decor and I'm hoping my Bea Marie will be out in the park, from what I can make out she's only around in the Christmas season. 


BEAUTY | My Journey to Long Nails - Part 1

Thursday, July 12, 2018

As we all know I love setting myself a challenge and whilst I fail more than I flourish I can't help trying. My mum will tell you I am very trying so it must be true. 

I've always struggled to grow my nails, that's not strictly true. I can grow them but I'm also fond of biting them. I do it when I get frustrated, bored, stressed. 

The stop biting solutions have never really put me off and I can put up with the taste. Another issue I have is that I can't seem to keep polish on my nails, I don't know if my nails are really acidic or what but polish usually seems to melt off my nails if it doesn't chip first. That's with using base and top coats. 

Photo week 1 - Growing my Nails 2018 20180710

In the past year, I've gone down the route of home gel nails but I'm not very neat and I tend to pick them off but I have discovered Kiko's nail polish works on my nails and I have been using this but as my nails are so short I don't really like the look of coloured nails. 

Which brings me back to the point of this post. I want to grow my nails and keep them in good condition. I've recently re-discovered Simply Nailology on YouTube and I've been binge watching Cristine's videos. 

He nails are lovely and long (too long for me, but I still have nail envy) she has a few videos on growing nails and I love how down to earth and realistic she is. There are a lot of hacks and quick fixes to try and say you can grow long nails in a week but really unless you have super speedy genes then it's not gonna happen. 

I always feel like my nails are weak and need a strengthener but from watching Cristine I probably don't the strengths can make nails tough and easier to break if you know the nail. What I need to do is stop picking polish off my nails and biting them. 

Photo week 1 - Growing my Nails 2018 20180710

These are my nails on what I'm calling day 1 and I'm hoping to take pictures weekly but probably won't do weekly updates, nails grow slowly. Next weeks pictures probably won't look any different.

The tips in the videos are not rocket science and make a lot of sense to me. The main ones I'm taking away from them is to use a nail oil and she found Jojoba works best. I have bought some oil which contains this but isn't 100% so I've got some in my amazon basket to buy on payday and I'm also using a scholl nail oil I got when I bought one of the pedi machine files for my feet. Her tip was to apply as often as possible. I've been applying oil 2- 4 times a day. I'll do another post on products once I've taken some photos.

Photo week 1 - Growing my Nails 2018 20180710

The second thing I've taken away is not to have naked nails, to have something on them at all times. Since the picture was taken I've applied at home gel base coat and top coat. I've not gone for a colour as I wasn't to keep it simple for now. As well as always have something on the nails is to apply it neatly. I've always been someone who gets more polish on my hands than nails so I've been taking my time to clean around the nails while the polish is wet and I've ordered some nail art brushes for a couple of pounds from Amazon to help with cleaning around the nails. I used an old makeup brush this time and it wasn't great.

It's only been 2 days but on my left hand, I can see some growth on my ring finger nail and my pinky fingernail.

On my right hand I can see growth on all but the ring finger nail (do you have a ring finger on the right - you know which one I mean)

I'm not doing anything else really other than trying to push back my cuticles gently filing every other day to start to shape the nails slightly.

My plan is to leave the current gel polish on until all the nails have a slight white tip and then when I re-apply the polish I can wrap the tip of the nail. (hopefully)