BEAUTY | Birch Box #4 - July 2018

Friday, July 20, 2018

When I re-subscribed to Birch Box I intended on blogging them each month but my blog mojo just hasn't been there. I have been making videos about them so if you want to know what my thoughts about the other boxes head over to my unboxing playlist on my YouTube channel. 

Birch Box - July 2018

 The first thing I noticed was this was the traditional cardboard beauty box, the first two boxes where the same size but had a drawer rather than a lid, my third box was a tin box. Which was done for the 5th anniversary. I expected them to go back to the drawer system and I am a little disappointed. I was starting to use the drawer boxes to keep things in. Once I have things in boxes with lids they never get opened again so I doubt I will use this box. I do like the pink foil logo on the lid but as a firdt impression I was disappointed.

Birch Box - July 2018

Each box contains 5 items which will be a mix of beauty and makeup and hopefully should fit in with your beauty profile. I don't really feel like mine does and it does seem very generic but as i'm assuming they have a pretty big customer base this would be hard to do.

Mannkadar  3 in one

Each month we get a sneak preview of on of the items which will be in the next box and the option to pick between two shades or the option for them to surprise me (subject to availability etc. etc.)

As much as I don't like surprises I'm not keen on this part of the service, just put stuff in the box. Don't make me do extra thinking mid month and TBH everything I've had as this product I've not liked.

This particular product is billed as eyes, face and lips (?) there was a choice between this shade and a deep red colour. None really spoke to me and I have already got rid of this product. It has an RRP of £12 but the packaging feels very cheap and flimsy to me and it  had a strange texture which didn't swatch very well in my opinion. Its rare I reach for singles like this and decided I wouldn't use it.
Birch Box - July 2018

Balance Me - Congested Skin Serum 

I'm familiar with Balance Me from other beauty boxes and from what I can remember it's always been good and I can't think of any issues. As soon as I opened this my eyes started stinging even though I only put it on my arm. It went straight in the bin, there must me something in it that doesn't agree with me.

Birch Box - July 2018

Luseta - Keratin Conditioner

This smells amazing but why only a conditioner? I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter but I do like to use matching products. I guess this will come in handy if I run out of conditioner (errr i'm not that sort of person) or for a weekend away with a ransom shampoo (ekkk)

Birch Box - July 2018

Beauty Pro - Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask

At last a product I will use. I've recently got into these kinds of products and I'm looking forward to using these. I find them nice and relaxing and I loved using them on the plane going on holiday. 

Birch Box - July 2018

What's In It For Me..? - Shower Scrub

Another product I will use, this only seems like a fine grit but it is a natural scrub which is a bonus. I also think this is a good size. I like to take a scrub  on holiday with me to make sure all the sun cream has come off and this will last the full holiday (hopefully)

Birch Box - July 2018

Over all, this box has helped me make my mind up and I won't be renewing my subscription at the end of my 6 months. I do have 2 more boxes to come but over all I'm not wowwed by this subscription.

I wouldn't want to put people off trying it and I do think it's a good idea to buy as a gift for someone but for me this past 4 boxes haven't been for me.

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