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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I might be on a bath bomb ban but I keep finding myself little loopholes, such as if it's from an Etsy seller. If it's not actually labelled "BATH BOMB" if there is a Y in the day. I came across Bubble Off a couple of weeks ago when a friend re-tweeted a crowdfunding tweet. 

I had a look at their website and they are a small family business from Manchester who makes Vegan bath and body products. 

Bubble Off

The crowdfunding is to help them raise the money to make products and to afford the pitch at Chatsworth House Christmas Markets, I haven't pledged yet but I am planning on a small donation on payday.

I fell in love with the brand, despite not having any twitter interaction, I had a read through some of their tweets, stalked their social media links and placed an order on their website.

The order arrived very quickly, I was surprised (In a good way and very happy) Everything was well packed and I'm very happy with what I picked out.

Wah Wah

£2 - Each Melt Down (Tonka Bean & Lime) & Boutiful Beauty (coconut)

Bubble Off  Wah Wah

Totally not bath bomb. A deep conditioning bath treatment which will fizz when put in a bath of running water. 

I initially expected these to be bigger but for £2 each I think the price point Vs size is about right. 

They smell incredible and like with all these products I can't wait for this heat wave to die down a bit so I can justify a bath. 

P.S I have no idea what a Tonka Bean is or what it should smell like but I like it 

Fizz Bomb

£2.50 - Charlotte

Bubble Off Bath Bomb

Is there any way I can convince you this isn't a bath bomb? No, I didn't think so. I couldn't resist. I love a good bath bomb and I think technically it's only the second one I've bought myself this year. I did get some for my birthday but they don't count. Also, the first one was an accidental buy as I thought I'd removed it from my Etsy basket. I picked Charlotte purely on the colour, I also like that it only has a small amount of glitter.

Unicorn Poop

£3.50 each - Waldo (Banana and Strawberries) & Luna (Floral and Citrus Zing)

Bubble Off Unicorn Poop

These came recommended by my friend Kelly, I love the look of them and the scent combinations really appealed to me. 

Bubble Off  Unicorn Poop

I couldn't decide between the two so I bought both of them. You have to wave them under running water and they produce bubbles, which is always a favourite of mine. 

Bubble Off  Unicorn Poop

In total including postage, I paid £16.70 which I think represents good value. It works out as an average of £3.34 per item. This is cheaper than I'd pay in store for some of the more well-known bath bomb companies and I feel like I will get more than one use from each of them. The bath bomb is fairly big and I could probably break it in half ( I won't - I'm too lazy for that!)

I'm excited for bath season (when the weather is under about 19 degrees!) I have also made a YouTube video if me unboxing these items. If you'd like to see my initial impressions. 

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