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Thursday, July 26, 2018

This is a very belated post and the photos have been sat in my dafts until now, I had a lovely day out on my Coach Trip to Chester which was back in May, but I've been out of the blogging loop and I’ve finally decided to sit down and write.

Our local paper had been running coach trips for years and last year it went out of business taking the coach trips along with it. I had used them before as had my gran and I’m sure lots of local people. Earlier this year the coach trips along with an online version of the paper re-appeared and they have some good trips.

I’ve been on two and my mum and gran have been on a couple more and have either one or two booked for the coming weeks.

What I like about the trips we’ve been on are they are not organised tours and you get free time to do as you please.

This trip was to celebrate mine and my mum’s birthdays which are in May. The coach left my local town centre at around 9am and we got dropped off at a shopping centre in the centre of Chester and left to our own devices. We had until 2.30pm and it was all clear about where to meet up and we got pointed in the direction of the shops.

The early pickup time was because we then got some time at Cheshire Oaks. Personally, I would have preferred more time in Chester, as much as I love shopping. I’m not huge Cheshire Oaks fan. I felt like I didn’t get to explore Chester properly which is no reflection on the Coach Trip but more on I didn’t know where anything was, it was a lovely day and ultimately no matter what she said my grans shoes were hurting her.

First stop was Costa for a drink and to decide where we wanted to look first. We then looked in a few shops and walked round looking at the buildings.

As it was a nice day we grabbed some food from The Pound Bakery and headed down to the Roman gardens and sat out enjoying the sunshine.

We also wandered down to the river and soaked in some of the atmosphere. There were lots of school trips, children in the gardens being taught some of the Roman history of the city. One of the “Centurion” teachers was counting 1,2,3 and I said surely it should be i,ii,iii… Nope, a bit of Roman Numeral humour that only I find funny.

I’d love to go back and spend a bit more time looking round the city centre and trying some of the independent cafes and shops.

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  1. Chester looks gorgeous! I have been on lots of coach trips and I love them - they are so affordable and everything being organised really takes the pressure off

    1. My mum and gran have a few more booked and i keep looking at weekend ones so I don't have to book time off work x


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