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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Despite still not having a Disney holiday booked one is still on the cards before the year is over. I just wish I could grab my passport and jump on a plane and go tomorrow. Sadly I have to go to work tomorrow and hopefully we will get a trip booked for the Christmas season once my friend gets her next set of holidays at work (Roll on October) 

To get myself in the mood I've been watching a lot of Disney vlogs and I've joined a number of facebook groups. I've learned a lot from these groups:

Take a push chair for your kids even if they haven't used one in years

Take your own water bottles and fill them up in the water fountains. France doesn't allow free refills of drinks like other countries do.

Disney can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it.

Questions tend to get repetitive

Use the search bar at the top of the page to get your answers

Trip reports make me cry

Ask questions, be polite and there is a real sense of community, the groups I like the most are Plus Size at DLP which is very friendly and supportive and made me far more confident about trying rides when we go. 

The other group I like being a part of is #clrohana - Disney parks advice & tips. This is for all Disney parks and was started by Charlotte who is a Disney Vlogger (as well as other videos) I really like her content and while I don't think I've ever posted in this group. I haven't felt the need just yet as I'm not quite at the booking stage just yet. I like the energy, I like that it's for all Disney and when the idea of group pins came up I was in like a shot. I missed out on the first wave but when more where released I set an alarm on my phone and managed to get one. 

There are also a couple of DLP for Brits groups, one is for planning and one is for deals, I think. There is a lot of cross posting and I haven't worked out which one to stay in yet so I'm staying in both. 

When I do get round to booking I think I want to stay in one of the Disney Hotels, I've been costing it out and if you get the half board deal it will potentially work out a similar price to booking a partner hotel and buying food.

The price for a solo trip is almost the same price as two people going and I have looked at two solo trips but each time I think I'm leaving it too late. I'm torn with the need for a reconnaissance mission to get the lay of the land and having that magic moment with a friend. 

Despite not having kids, I think the magic will be amazing and I'm so excited to get myself to France. I'm excited for all the winter decor and I'm hoping my Bea Marie will be out in the park, from what I can make out she's only around in the Christmas season. 

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