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Thursday, August 23, 2018

While I buy a lot of random things often I spend weeks thinking, googling, pondering and debating with myself before actually pressing that check out button. 

Other times I click before I think and this is one of those times, this came up as a suggested item on Amazon and it had 20% off and before I knew it the parcel turned up (yay prime) and I was sat making a very awkward video for my YouTube channel as I didn't read the instructions properly. 

Now that I've had it for a few weeks I thought I'd share how I've set it up. It's still very much a work in progress but this is my current set up. 

It has 4 sections each split into two and room on top to add more things. 

The top just has my current body cream and spare glasses, I'm going to try moving one of the shelves up so the body cream fits on a shelf. 

Section 1

Brushes and makeup wipes. What is nice about this unit is there is a cutout section in the lip to stand up brushes. I'm trying to limit this to just the brushes I need for the week but a pen and scissors have crept in. 

The bottom section I've just put my open packets of makeup wipes and I'm using a small can of shower gel to prop them up. 

Section 2

Skin Care - This is the most organised section, I've got my day and night skincare, serums, moisturising mask and eye cream all in one area. I'm terrible at having a good skin care routine and having my current products in one place. 

Section 3
Body care, I hate moisturising my body! I hate, loathe and despise touching my own skin. I know I should use it and unless it's right in front of me I won't bother. I should buy the spray can stuff but I have so many tubs of product from gift sets I can't justify buying more (Let's ignore the fact I bough the Childs Farm last week) I've got a half used up tub of body butter out to try and encourage me to use it and a bottle of spray oil.

I've also got a random packet of tissues.

 Section 4
Makeup - I've squashed my makeup bag on to a shelf as I'm away this weekend and I was sorting out things to take with me. I'm not sure how I'll use this going forward but this little Hello Kitty bag fits in the section better than expected. There is also a 4th packet of wipes! Why do I have so many open packets!

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