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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I've been a fan of Little Shop of Lathers for a while, I was introduced to them by my friend Chloe via Our Hand Made Collective in Leeds. 

In the not so recent past, I bought three of their small balm pots and love them all. I decided to place an order for a larger pot of the Clear Head pulse point balm as I use these most days and when (again via Chloe) discovered they did big pots I was all over it. Sadly there was a mix-up and I was sent the wrong item, what I would say is the customer service was excellent. The mix up was identified (this feels quite official but I can't think of a better way to phrase it) when I tweeted excitedly that I'd had my dispatch notice. Claire quickly tweeted saying she thought she's packed the wrong pot and to let her know and she'd re-send out the correct order. No quibble, very apologetic. As I love all the balms and had planned to buy more in the future I told her not to worry and I'd happily reorder the right product next payday. If it had been a big company I'm sure I would have accepted the offer to be sent out the correct item but as a small independent seller, I recognise that making, packing, working in a shop, doing accounts is hard work and I like Claire a lot (I think I have met her and we chat on twitter semi-regularly and I get a good vibe from her). 

Just before my next payday I still had money left (a novelty I can assure you) so I decided to place an order for a few things I'd had my eye on and an email from Etsy with a 10% off code helped. 

I re-ordered the balm I wanted and picked out a few other goodies which are all for me! Has anyone watched Parks and Recreation? "Treat Yo Self!" its a good mantra. 

Sleep Tight - Pulse Point Balm

This is the item I was sent instead of the item I'd ordered. I'm more than happy to have this and it was on my list of things to buy and is why I didn't want Claire to be out of pocket because I would have been buying this at some point. I've also put my original sleep balm pot to show the scale and the size of the new pots.  This sleep balm smells amazing, I have such trouble sleeping and on nights when I remember to use this I sleep so much better. I must remember to use it. 

Natural Insect Repellent - Citronella Moisturiser

I've been looking for something like this for a while, a local maker does her own version but doesn't see it online and I never know when I'm going to be near to where she stocks her products locally to ask her to put me one away. 

For me no two holidays are the same when it comes to biting critters, I can go to the same place at the same time of year and sometimes I'm left alone others I'm a human snack of the highest order. 

This product smells nice but you can also tell it's going to repel a lot of bugs, it is also really creamy so will have moisturising properties (Oh it does, I've just read the listing) 

Clear Head pulse point balm **super size for regular users** Aromatherapy temple balm

I'm so happy to have this huge pot, I've almost finished my original 5g pot and I use it almost every day. I keep the small tub on my desk at work and as often as I remember or when I feel a little fuggy I apply some balm to my wrists, if I feel the start of a headache I put a small amount on my temples and i'd say 9 out of 10 times I don't have to resort to painkillers as well. I've even got my colleagues to use it as well.

One person was full of a cold and had a bad headache, he'd already taken pain pills but I got him to use a small amount and he seemed to perk up quite quickly and I got him to use some more later on when he was going downhill again.

Dry Skin Hand gift - Aromatherapy gift set - hardworking hands &
Foot Soak - Aromatherapy treatment

I've got the next two items all  mixed up when I took the pictures so I'm going to talk about them under one sub-heading 

I treated myself to the dry skin hand kit and I am trying to grown my nails and I thought it would be a lovely treat to myself. I haven't used this as yet but it is a super little kit and well my feet are awful anything to help them will be a bonus. I think I might have bought the foot soak before from Our Hand Made Collective in Leeds but I can't be cettain, I may just have looked at them. 

Bonus Items - Thank you, Claire

Claire contacted me before she shipped my order to tell me she's tripled checked and the right blam had been packed and she added a couple of bonus surprises, this was a lovely little treat. As I keep saying I'm on a bath bomb ban (albeit a very loose interpretation of a ban) and to get an Emoji Bath Bomb and a Lollypop bath bomb made my day.

A perfect example of customer service, it's a delight to order from Little Shop of Lathers and I'm sure this won't be my last order. 

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