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Thursday, August 02, 2018

If like me you watch a lot of popular south coast vloggers you might be familiar with the name Blue Bird Tea. I was always interested when they were mentioned as they had some interesting flavours and the branding looked lovely. 

Over the Christmas period, I was getting facebook adverts from them and looked at buying online but I knew I'd rather go in store, which was when I spotted they now had a store in Manchester's Northern Quater. 

Bird & Blend Tea Co

It took me a while to get there but I finally made it a few weeks ago, you may have noticed the name change. They are the same people, the same tea but you can read about the name change on their website if you feel inclined. (it's nothing sinister and by the time I've written this I could have told you) 

Bird & Blend Tea Co

My welcome was lovely, a nice warm hello without being all overfamiliar or let me show you everything. After a few minutes, I was approached again and asked if I needed help, what I was looking for and what tea I liked. (all the tea) We chatted and I got to try two of the tea's they had as a cold brew

Bird & Blend Tea Co

All the loose teas are displayed and they are happy to get down any of the ones from the shelves for you to have a closer look at as well as the ones on the counter. I  knew I was going to buy pre-made teabags so I didn't want them to get anything down for me, knowing I wouldn't be buying it, but they did mention they sell empty bags that you can use to put in your own loose tea. This is such a great idea. As much as I love tea, loose tea has always been a bit of a scary thing and I shy away from it as I've never had much luck with a tea strainer and I don't know how to read the leaves.

Bird & Blend Tea Co

I really believe there is a tea out there for everyone, from black, white, green and fruit teas. Matcha Tea, caffeine free, strong, mild, minty, fruity anything you can imagine. Bird and Blend really have a little bit of everything.

Bird & Blend Tea Co

As well as selling tea they sell all the paraphernalia you could ever need to make the perfect hot or cold tea.

Bird & Blend Tea Co

I was particularly taken with these teapots, there is a great range of colours but I think the navy one is the one I'd go for

Bird & Blend Tea Co

There is also a whole wall of Matcha tea, I haven't tried matcha but if you like it, check them out some sounded amazing but as it was new to me I didn't feel brave enough to buy any.

Bird & Blend Tea Co

Have Matcha loving friends and family? These sets would make lovely gifts. I did treat myself to three packs of tea.

Smokey Russian - A delicious smokey flavoured Russian Caravan tea. This is a black tea and delicious, not one for new tea drinkers but it's one of my favourites and brings back happy memories.

Eaton Mess - A delicious and fruity tea which I believe is caffeine free, while I was in the store I tried this cold mixed with coconut milk. I'm not one for milky drinks but over ice, on a hot summers day it would be perfect.

Rhubarb and Custard - Another fruity and potentially caffeine-free brew. If you melted the sweets and put them in a mug then this is what you'd get. Without the sticky mess, I'm guessing. I've got this one at work and I'm trying to ration it so I don't drink it all at once.

Each pack contains 15 tea bags and cost around £6 a box which seems expensive but I can justify the cost over supermarket brands and the quality and taste is amazing.

While paying it came up that I was a blogger, I think it was when I gave my email address for the newsletter and we got chatting and I then got brave and asked if they minded me taking some photos and I also filmed a few clips while I was in the shop and you can see them in the below vlog.

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  1. This place looks awesome! I love trying different teas - will definitely be finding one of these shops and stocking up

    1. It was amazing, they have a few shops and they also sell online so worth checking out their website x


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