LIFESTYLE | An Early Morning Wander Around Uppermill Park

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

A few weeks ago I had a dentist appointment in a village a few miles away from where I live. I arrived almost an hour and a half early. last time I was almost late so I caught the earlier bus and some how I was mega early.

As my dentist wasn't open I decided to go and sit on a bench in the park, it was lovely and peaceful but most of the benches were damp so I had to wander round.

A lot of the benches have memorial plaques on them and I did manage to find a dry one, thank you Edith and Tommy for having your bench under a huge tree and providing shelter from the over night rain.

The park has a couple of different area, there is a large field, a tradition playground area and a stream runs along one of the edges, which is parallel to the canal.

I have lots of memories of this area as a child. It's quite a touristy area with lots of cafes and with the park we used to go a lot when I was a child. I have fond memories of these stepping stones and trying to cross them. The water level is pretty low at the moment due to the hot weather but I do remember the water being quite high and fast flowing.

One of the areas of the park is a memorial garden with some nice borders and benches and earlier this year a new edition of a Heron status was installed.

There are a couple of these wooden carvings in the town that I know of. There is an Owl next to one of the tram stops and an owl and fox statue in another part of town.

I know this isn't a normal blog post, it's not really telling you anything other than I am an early bird who gets places way too early and that I had a lovely 20 minutes or so in the park with only a gardener for company and a random man who walked across then stepping stones. 

But I wanted to record my life and while I did vlog clips of this morning, my blog was my first space for things like this. 

Uppermill, is a lovely village, there are lots of cafes, restaurants and pubs as well as the park and the dentists and in some ways I almost like going to the dentist as I know I will be spending time in the village. Sadly at 8am there isn't a lot open, not even the dentists!

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