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Thursday, August 09, 2018

There is something about this time of year which mean that I need new stationery, I haven’t been in education for a long time, but I still get that itch to get a new mid-year diary, new pens and other essentials.

My main diary has been sadly underused as a diary, I’m using it to list books read and cinema trips but not life things, or blog things

The first thing I picked up was a new handbag-sized diary, this is from Amazon and cost about £6, I liked the look of the layout online and I think it will have enough space to record all the things I want to, and the best thing is I can carry it will me.

I’m pen obsessed and last year I discovered Pilot Frixon pens thanks to my friend Jo and bought myself some from Sainsbury's which have a 0.7nib size, these are great for scribbling notes, but I find them a little big for making notes in diaries. However, when I was in Lanzarote I discovered they do a 0.5nib and they are perfect for journals and dairy. What is so good about them is that they are erasable, and they erase very cleanly.

The search for the perfect blog journal has been put on hold and I’ve been using a notepad system. It’s a combination of things I’ve spotted online and inspired by a video from Claire from The Clairenecessities, but my book is a grotty old notepad that has nothing about it but I almost think that makes it easier because I’m happy to be scruffy in and as it’s a spiral-bound pad it’s easy to rip out pages! I would have shown you an example of this but in my new stationery buying haze I’ve set up my new blog journal from Wilkos and ripped out those oh so scruffy pages and put in the recycling bin.

I think I will be playing around with a perfect layout for years to come but for now, I have something that works for me and a very lovely pad and the option of using pen because when I change my mind I can erase and change things around easily. I will do a second post toward the end of the month with my set up.

I adore stationery, all of it. My love for a free pen is equal to a beautiful fountain pen, I love thin cheap paper almost more than I love expensive paper (but it’s all equal) I have a stash of 10 unused notebooks in my locker at work and I’m sure there must be more at home.
My aim this year is to use the things I buy but I can’t help being tempted and I do love these items.

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