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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Last week I shared a list of films I'd watched in 2018 on my Odeon Limitless card, I also started to give each of them a rating but the post was super long before I was even halfway through. I've decided to do weekly posts on each of the star ratings I gave each of the films I've watched. 

From the 23 films I watched, I gave 4 a 2-star rating:

2 Stars

Red Sparrow

A Russian Spy thriller –   I had really high hopes for this, the trailers looked like the kind of films I enjoy but it was mind-boggling. Double, triple and maybe some quadruple crossing. Even months later I still don’t know who was good or who was bad or what actually happened. There as some pretty graphic violence (which I don’t normally mind) but I had to cover my face. I wasn’t a good start to my cinema card.

I Feel Pretty

This is watched with films and it has the making of a girls night out movie but there was a mix of us having to sit right near the front, it was very full and warm and an awful plot and premise of a film. I wanted to give it a one star but I did laugh a few times so decided on that basis it warranted 2 stars. 

The premise is a geeky, unconfident dare I say fat (she was plumper than her co-stars) girl bangs her head and suddenly becomes uber-confident, popular and see herself as thin. What a crap message to send out into the world. It was one of those films that I saw because I wanted to go to the cinema, I’m glad I’ve watched it as I knew I’d be curious but at the same time, I could have lived without seeing it.

Incredibles 2

I might have been unfair in giving this film 2 stars and it’s probably me that needs the 2 stars but this film didn’t hold my attention at all. In fact, I fell asleep a few times and for the parts I was awake I didn’t laugh. I thought about going to see it again but I decided against it. Someone at work really enjoyed it but I haven’t really seen anyone say anything really good (or bad) about it. I would watch it again when it comes on TV but I’m in no rush.

The Book Club

I might be being overly generous in giving these 3 stars but it wasn’t totally awful, just a tiny bit awful. It starts out with 4 women who are all middle-aged and either married and lonely or single and successful who were all college friends start a book club. The film follows them through meeting old loves, starting new loves, rekindling current loves and drinking a lot of wine. In fact as I write this, I’m downgrading it to 2-star review. 

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