Seeing Clutter... Decluttering and Zone Cleaning - Zone 3 Bathroom

Sunday, January 26, 2020

This is my second pass at Zone 3 when I first discovered FlyLady and Zone cleaning this is the zone they were in.

Initially, I was going to set up my own zones but after a couple of days of reading it seemed sensible to follow the zones as they had been set.

I’ll include a few pictures of what it was like originally if anything we just have far too many things for the size of the room. This makes keeping on top of cleaning and tidying very overwhelming. Last year we decided we were going to start using the product we’d got in gift sets rather than saving them for best. We moved them into the bathroom, but we did keep buying regular products. We also seem to buy lots of duplicates when we find something we like. 

The first time round I concentrated on products. I tried to group like items and give gave the surfaces a wipe over. There was no deep cleaning but as the room is tiled it doesn’t take much to clean it’s just getting to the surfaces.

Whenever you read about cleaning the say to clean clockwise and while this does work I found that I miss a part of the room every time I clean.

For this months Zone three, I decided to go Anticlockwise. Meaning I started with the section I hadn’t done last time and I did manage to get through the whole room.

I started with the wire rack we have under the sink. I bought some little plastic boxes which just fit in each rack meaning that things won’t fall through. Next time I want to tackle the rust on this unit. I know it shouldn’t take much to sort it out but I decided just to tidy this rack now more than deep clean. 

Next up was the cabinet, between the first time of getting through the zone and starting again. I did do little bits. I found a pot to put my dad’s razors in and I’d moved things around. cleaned and I even cleaned the window.  

This time I pulled everything out and just the Pink Stuff spray cleaner to wipe down each shelf. I’d not used this cleaner before and it’s super cheap 89p from Savers. For the price it’s ace. I will be buying more of it but I will not stock up on it!

The next areas were just a general clean. Shower screen, shower windowsill which I tided and cleaned and I even cleaned the window.

I decided to change up the products on the shelves and baskets. Between the first time around and now we’d managed to go from 4 baskets to 2 on the back of the bath. The wire baskets are now being used in the kitchen. I had put the skincare on a shelf but I’m not sure we were using it so I pulled everything off the shelves and baskets, cleaned them all and put things back in a slightly different order. I did get rid of a few items but not too much. It was more a case of making sure like items are together. 

We are committed to using things up and only buying things we need. We have enough showergel to last about 2 years and I have more in my room plus as basket full of bathbombs! I think we just have to use things or if we hate them pass them along. There is one lot of bath foam that I hate the smell of but I thought my mum liked but it turns out she doesn’t like it so we’ve given it to my dad to take to work. (he doesn’t have baths there but he’ll leave it out for people to use as showergel)
It’s an ongoing process and one day I’m sure we’ll be in a place where we only have what we need rather than having lots of duplicates of things. 

We also switched out the tub we’d been using for cleaning products to a rack which had been in the kitchen. This is handy as it just fits down the side of the loo and has 2 shelves.

The final step was to mop the floor, I bought a mop which uses large wipes as the bathroom floor space is tidy and the steam mop is too big to fit and at least this way it saves dragging it up and downstairs.

Overall it was a good week spent in the bathroom and it’s nice to see it looking tidier than it’s been for a while. It’s never terrible but it can be overwhelming and it’s much easier now it’s been organised.

I’m sure I’ve missed something but if you want to see a bit more you can watch my video. 

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