Seeing Clutter... Decluttering and Zone Cleaning - Zone 1

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

As 2020 rolled around so did Zone One of FlyLady Cleaning System (is it a system?)
The idea of the Zones is you spend a week in different areas of your home and if they need decluttering you declutter. One of the things I like about it is that you don’t have to pull everything out like Marie Kondo recommends you only pull out an amount you think you can go through in the time you set yourself.

It is recommended that you set a timer for 15 minutes and declutter, clean. You can set the time for longer, but the idea is when the timer goes off you stop.

When I discovered the system just before Xmas I did do a lot of time settings and often when it went off I had almost finished the area I’d set myself so I did carry on but only for a few minutes not hours.

In Summer I Marie Kondo’d my clothes and it took me a long time. A few reasons. I do have a lot of clothes. I had a spare room to put them all that didn’t get in the way of life and it was very overwhelming, and I cried. (more than once). It was an excellent way to see how much I had and to line up my 12 almost identical black tops and cut them down, but I knew I couldn’t do the whole house in the same way. I would 100% declutter my clothes this way. I might do it in sections such as summer holiday clothes as I know I have things in three storage boxes and Ideally, I want like items together (and to have it in less than 3 boxes)

Zone One – Porch, Stairs and Diningroom. 1st – 5th January 2020

It felt good to be back at the beginning and start zone one. I was itching to start zone one when I discovered FlyLady but at the time they were one Zone 3 so I stuck with that knowing new year, zone one would feel good. 

The Porch I decluttered one pair of beloved but wrecked Ecco boots. It was hard to throw them away but it was way overdue and now I can start to wear other shoes and boots that I have and enjoy wearing but the others always got picked over them. I might sound sad that I had to get rid of them but I got my money's worth out of them it feels so good to declutter. 

The stairs have been stripped of wallpaper ready to be decorated so this is an area of the house I ignore. It is a very small space so it's almost forgotten about. In this section, I dusted the window, Used some cleaning spray on the windowsill and skirting boards. I also dusted the windowsill a couple of times during the week. 

The dining room we had a mad clean before Xmas and tbh it was still looking pretty decent. The dresser needs a good declutter but it’s something me and my mum need to sit down and go through together as it has a lot of things from my gran's house as well as our own items.

Xmas Day Ready

The only area I spent any time on was the desk. My dad is the only person who uses it so it’s hard to declutter it as the first Rule of Flylady is not to get rid of other people’s items.

I had a look through the drawers. Tried all the pens to see if they worked and moved things between drawers. I also reshuffled some loose papers and half-heartedly dusted the visible bits of desk!
I don’t feel like it was a very successful Zone one, but it wasn’t a full week and it was that strange period between Christmas and New Year.

It doesn't matter that I haven't done so much, this Zone will soon come round again. That's the beauty of the system, there is no need to come back to it now until February, it will all get sorted as the months go on. 

I have higher hopes for Zone 2. 

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