Cath Kidston – 4 Wheel Cabin Bag

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

For month Facebook adverts keep popping up showing a Cath Kidston 4 Wheel Cabin bag and I’ve been so tempted but due to the current situation, I felt like it would be daft to make a big purchase.

The RRP on the case was £135. Which isn’t an amount I would spend on a full-size suitcase let alone a cabin case.

Back in May, it went in the sale and temptation grew. I’d just had a holiday canceled and despite it being a bargain I put it off.

I had a look in TK Maxx and to get an equivalent bag, with a decent brand it was between £35-60 but none of those spoke to me. “Take me home”, “Take me home”.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that this bag had been reduced again to £54 and there was a discount code on the website.  Meaning I paid £48.60 and it was free P&P.

I love the botanical gardens theming, the colours and the design. It also seems to fit in well with my love of Japan.

However, the main reason this design appealed to me, is that it reminds me of the conservatory in a local park.

My current cabin bag is a Roxy Rucksack with wheels but the handle is slightly too short and while it has a good number of pockets, in reality only one of the two main ones is useable at any one time.

I've tested the handle on this case for height and it's far better for me, and having the four wheels makes it much more stable. 

Because this is a traditional case, it has a roomy main compartment, with luggage straps so everything won’t fall out if you need to open it. There is also a small side pocket within the main case which I didn’t realise when I looked at it online.

Another internal pocket on the lid of the case, as well as a roomy front pocket which is always handy for keeping travel documents in.

While I haven’t been able to fully test out the case by taking a trip, it feels well made and I like that it came with a small padlock, when I'm using it for hand luggage I probably wouldn't lock the case but if for any reason I had to check the case or if it had to be stored away from me, if I was on a train for example then it means I can lock it for my own peace of mind and not have to worry about the case. 

Overall i'm really pleased with my purchase, it was probably more than I'd normally spend. The case feels well made and It is a  product I've been thinking about for a while. It's something that I needed (I probably didn't need it)

All I need now is to go somewhere to use it! 

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