Dead Cute KickStarter

Sunday, September 06, 2020

 Dead Cute KickStarter

I’ve been a fan of Dorkface creations for a while, in fact, I’ve even met Gemma in real life. At an event a long long time ago. There is probably a post about it. (The event, not the actual meeting)

Over lockdown, I’ve been trying to support small businesses where I can and I’ve made a few orders from her.

When she announced she was going to be running a Kickstarter I knew I wanted to support her.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter and I don’t profess to be an expert but the idea is that you back projects. If they get the required funding the money is then sent to the organiser and then a few weeks later you will get sent the items mentioned in the tier.

There tend to be a number of tiers and once targets are met extra bonuses can be added or even new tiers added, which is what happened in this case.  A postcard, sticker and washi tape we the bonus items 


If you want to read a bit more about it, this is the link to the Kickstarter, although it’s over it might give you an insight into what I’m trying to get across

When further targets were met she added in new tiers which meant a total of 7 pins where available. I think you know where this is going. Yes, I upped my pledge but I did manage to get an early bird price for the 7 pins meaning for 7 pins cost me £49 (£52 including p&p) I think this is a really good price, especially when you consider we also got a roll of washi tape, a sticker, and a postcard.

I had no doubt she would reach her targets but I was blown away at how quickly these were met, it’s lovely knowing there are so many supportive people out there.

What I should probably also mention is that no money is taken from you until the campaign ends and they are successful, I can attest to this as I have backed other projects that sadly didn’t make the first target and no money was taken.

Gemma kept us all informed and updated with regular Instagram stories as well as emails from Kickstarter as well.

These projects can take a great deal of time, the campaign itself ran for just under a month. Once that ends all the money (or as much as possible) is collected from people who pledged and then it’s sent to the organiser. It’s only at that stage they can pay for production costs etc.

So as an idea of timescales for this project. I made my pledge on 5th June and my items were delivered on 26th August. While this seems like a long time, I feel like it was worth it.

I’ve had a number of pins from Dorkface and they are all good quality and had no qualms about making this order.

1.       Skull & Rose

2.       Crystal Skull in a Bottle

3.       Coffin

4.       Ghost Lovers

5.       Haunted House

6.       Scythe

7.       Ghouls Night In

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