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Thursday, September 10, 2020

 I've been a huge fan of wax melts for a while. I like to use them in an electric wax melt warmer (burner). The ones I have are the inexpensive Glade (the plugins people) ones and were around £5. As much as I love candles I tend to forget to light them but having the electric warmer means I can leave it on and not worry about the flame of a candle. 

I have lots of favourite scents of wax melts and almost every time I buy some new ones they become a favourite. 

What I'd call the outdoorsy scents is my preference. Names like Fresh Air, Clean Cotton, Clean Laundry. You get the gist. 

When my friend set up her own wax melt company, I knew I had to order some. Not sure if this counts as an #Ad as I bought them myself but you know I'd be honest with you. You can find them on FaceBook Heavenly Scents Company and Instagram as @HeavenlyScents.Company

I bought 7 packs at £2 each and P&P was £3 so I paid £17 in total, which I didn't think was bad. They do packs with small honey combe shapes and large heart shapes. The hearts are much bigger than I expected and are good value for money. 

The packaging was a sturdy cardboard box, with the melts in wax paper and they sent sweets, always a nice bonus surprise. 

The scents I went for are:

Dreams, Lavis, Spring and Bliss which are from their outdoorsy scents as well as Strawberries and Cream. Neve which is reminiscent of Snow Fairy from Lush and my final choice was Bergamot Verbena. Bergamot is one of my favourite scents so I couldn't not get it. 

Each melt has petals trapped within the wax and I really like this little touch. Each melt looks beautiful and I felt that it was a shame my warmer is black so you can't really see them when they have melted. 

Each melt smells delicious, and it took me a while to actually use one as I didn't want to waste them. I am trying to get out of this habit. 

I decided to use them in what I've ranked as my "least" favourite on cold, unmelted sniff and saving the best for last. I know this might trip me up as they do smell different when melted. 

I might have proven myself wrong on the first melt, The first one I chose to use was Strawberries and Cream and it is a delight. I have the warmer in my room upstairs and the scent did travel through the house. It wasn't too strong and it did last longer than I expected. I never know how long they should last but I feel like I left it in for longer than I do with other brands. 

For my second melt, I picked spring. I also dug out my traditional melt burner. I did this because it looks a lot prettier and I was curious to see how the petals actually looked. Sadly I forgot to take a picture once it had melted. 

The Spring scent is also very nice. I definitely prefered the Strawberries and Cream Scent but there is no doubt this is an outdoors scent. I've had this one in the Bathroom and again the scent does travel round the house and I think it might be a little bit stronger than the first one but I do like it. 

I've used it three or 4 times and the scent is still fairly strong, again I don't know how long scent is meant to last but I do feel like I will get a few more uses out it. 

I haven't decided on the order of use for the others but I am excited to use them. I'm very tempted to order more but I need to use these up and work through my stash of other brands. 

One scent I'm excited to get my hands on is their Pineapple and Rosemary, I love pineapple sents. (Shout out to the Tu Pineapple and Jasmine candle I've just used up) 

What are your favourite melts to use and do you use a burner or an electric warmer? I'm always interested to know. 

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