Mango Mochi by Yuki & Love

Friday, September 04, 2020

Mango Mochi by Yuki & Love

When I decided to blog every day, I asked for suggestions and one was to do a series called “Steph Tries” where I try new things, or cook food, make things. I have a few ideas for it and I will be cooking at some point!

For the first in the series I try Mango Mochi.

With fear of repeating myself, I’ve been watching Japan Vlogs for a little while and one common denominator is mochi, the sweet squishy candy dessert. They all seem to love it and there are lots of different types.

One of the most famous mochi I can think of is the Toy Story Alien Mochi you can get at Tokyo Disney which look adorable and while I’m not sure I will every go to Tokyo Disney. They would be on my list of items to try.

I have tried a type of mochi once before, an ice-cream version from Tesco and it wasn’t good. It just felt strange to eat. The texture was a bit like marzipan but the ice-cream just made it sticky and unpleasant to eat.

I’d written off mochi, chalked it up to something I probably didn’t like.

While I was browsing Amazon, I spotted boxes of fruit Mochi with a liquid centre. They seems to have good reviews and I was interested to see how these differed from the ice cream version I’d already tried.

I paid £5.99 for a box of 12, which seems expensive. I do feel like the product justifies the price.

These are delicious, they are soft with the perfect squidgy centre and have a nice fruity mango flavour.

The packaging is very cute and I love the illustration on the wrapper. 

It’s adorable and it might be slightly over-packaged with the cardboard box, plastic tray and individually wrapped items. It does seem to be the way of Japanese products to have a lot of packaging.

The smell and texture of them remind me of dried peach, slightly softer texture but that’s probably the closest things I can liken it to.

Because they are very sweet one is enough and it’s a nice little treat. I’ve had them over a week and I’ve still got at least 6 left.

I would buy these again and I’m thinking about buying the strawberry flavoured ones as well. They also do a grape flavour. I personally don’t like grape flavoured things but I’d be interested to know if they taste like real grapes or the fake American grape flavour. If you’ve tried them let me know.

There are so many different types of mochi and I’m looking forward to the day I make it to Japan and can try it all.

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  1. My youngest is into everything Japanese and for her birthday I bought her a box of random candy from Japan and she got some of these with different flavours. They must be good because she's not sharing. hehehe x

    1. Oh I bet that box is ace, especially if she isn't sharing! I found one on Amazon and was tempted but it looks like the type of candy 9 years olds would love but adults pull their faces at! I've been tempted to order a couple of stationery boxes but postage is always astronomical and I feel like i'd get customs charges. One day I will make it to Japan.


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